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Preserving Your Passion

Preserving Your Passion

Preserving Your Passion

Preserving Your Passion: Avoid Burnout with a Dental Billing Partner

The last couple of years have reminded dentists across the country about the importance of teamwork and dedication to their employees. Being able to retain top administrative talent is no easy feat, and budget concerns mean that staffing may be smaller to achieve a “lean and mean” level of profitability. Regardless of the scale of your practice, ensuring that your staff is happy and productive is a primary concern.

Burnout in the dental practice

Busy days, dozens of patients, and a full calendar mean that your staff is constantly pivoting from one task to the next. If you’re concerned about burnout in your practice, it’s helpful to know what to look for. Symptoms of burnout include:

  • Disassociation with work and coworkers
  • Lack of consistent or timely communication for important projects
  • Disinterest in personal growth or achievable goals
  • Frequent lateness or disinterest in attending staff meetings, lunches, etc.

Typically, these initial symptoms get worse over time and can create larger issues with workflow and task management. Of course, no dentist wants their employees to suffer busy days, overwhelming amounts of work, and lack of communication. Luckily, there are ways to ease the burden of administrative tasks within your office.

Mitigating burnout

  • Conduct daily meetings for 10–15 minutes and ask employees for their input about the day ahead
  • Set daily goals that are achievable and work to boost morale as well as productivity
  • Ensure that employees have an open line of communication with the primary dentist or their manager during working hours

Burnout from dental billing

Burnout frequently happens to billing staff. Their average day is filled with general office duties on top of accurate claim submission. However, that workload can quickly create issues with effective time management. If a claim is rejected or denied, it must then be followed up on. If the fix is small, it still might take a of couple hours on hold with an insurance company to remedy the problem. If incorrect or outdated codes are used, it can take even longer to find a solution.

Dental solutions that serve you and your practice

The claim submission process requires dedicated management and consistency. eAssist Dental Solutions provides the optimized autonomy that helps your staff make the most of their day. Instead of sitting at a computer or on the phone with insurance companies, your staff can instead meet and greet patients, work to fill appointments and prevent personal burnout.

Dental billing on autopilot

eAssist helps to optimize the billing process by tackling claim submissions as well as outstanding AR. If you have a ballooning AR sheet from insurance or patients, it can eventually seem like an insurmountable backlog of work that won’t ever be finished. With all of the other daily tasks required in your office, who has the time? eAssist keeps your team from getting bogged down by helping with:

It’s an eAssist brand promise to help you get 100% of what you’re rightfully owed. When your AR skyrockets each month due to burnout or simply lack of time, eAssist can help your practice achieve peace of mind and profitability.

Prevent burnout and foster peace of mind

eAssist was created by dentists, for dentists. Our mission has been to serve and deliver peace of mind to dental professionals across the country. Our reputation for dedicated claim submission as well as other integral RCM processes means that your practice can start seeing the benefits of outsourcing right away. Your staff with thank you for freeing up time in their day to serve your patients better and prevent workplace burnout. Schedule a consultation with us today and tell us where you’d like to see your practice soon.

Written by Penny Reed
Penny Reed is the Chief Growth Officer at eAssist Dental Solutions, and the author of the book, Growing Your Dental Business. Penny was recruited by her own dentist to run his growing practice, after spending two years as an IT manager with the Walmart Corporation. Penny has over 30 years of experience as a speaker and dental business coach and has been designated a Leader in Dental Consulting by Dentistry Today from 2007 to present. She is a certified “Behavioral Consultant” through the Institute for Motivational Living, and a former Dale Carnegie Trainer. Penny is the executive team support for the marketing department at eAssist, the nation’s leader in outsourced dental billing. She speaks at dental meetings about team coachability, effective revenue cycle management, and practice growth. Penny is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants, The Speaking and Consulting Network, and a Speaking/Consulting member of the American Association of Dental Office Management.