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Realice reuniones diarias para hacer un seguimiento del progreso del consultorio

Realice reuniones diarias para hacer un seguimiento del progreso del consultorio

Use Daily Huddle to Track Practice Progress

By Sean Eyring

In team sports like football, members of the team gather before and during competitions for a huddle. It's during these huddles that a team makes a plan of action or changes a previous plan based on how things are going during the game. A dental team should be no different. Take the time each day to huddle up: make plans, review how things went yesterday and strategize for the remainder of the day and the coming month.

Amy Morgan, CEO of Pride Institute, has said, "The morning huddle is the only way a team can feel informed, focused, and productive. If you want to deliver the very best service and care to your patients in the most efficient manner, then you and your team have to plan for the day. There is no better solution for organizing chaos and confusion.

"The Daily Huddle Report, available in Dentrix G4 Productivity Pack 8 or newer, provides practices with a blueprint for their daily huddle sessions. The report shows a quick snapshot of how the practice did the day before on production, collections, case acceptance, new patients, and scheduling, and shows how the practice is progressing toward goals for today and the remainder of the month.

To generate the Daily Huddle Report:

  1. From the Dentrix Office Manager, click the Analysis menu and select Practice Advisor.
  2. From the Practice Advisor dialog box, click Daily Huddle Report.
  3. In the Daily Huddle Report dialog box, make selections based on the type of information you want the report to show.
    Note: You can save selected report options and then use them to generate the report in the future by clicking Save Options and assigning the saved options a name. Next time you generate the report, select your saved options from the Options drop-down list in the Daily Huddle Report dialog box.
  4. If you want to customize which items appear in the report and in what order, click the Scheduled Patients Setup button. Choose the items you want on the report, set them in your preferred order, and then click OK to save these options.
  5. Click the Preview button to generate a preview of the report. Note: The Daily Huddle Report will take a few moments to process and generate the preview. You can continue to use Dentrix during this time. When the report is ready for viewing, a Print Preview screen will open, from which you can print the Daily Huddle Report if desired.

For more information about using the Daily Huddle Report, log in to the Dentrix Resource Center and view the "Daily Huddle" webinar recording. There are also several topics relating to the Daily Huddle in the Dentrix Help that can be found by searching for keywords "daily huddle."

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