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Top Web Enhancements

Top Web Enhancements

Top Henry Schein Web Enhancements

By means of your user feedback, industry research, and ongoing improvement exercises, Henry Schein prioritizes the upgrades we make to our ecommerce platforms that will best improve your web supply chain experience. To keep you up-to date and in the know, we will be sharing each enhancement in real time on this page.

Did you miss a previous update? For your convenience, we retain an archive in date order that is detailed by topic.

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Messaging Center

+Messaging Center

The messaging center is a section of the Website where users that have been given the Communications access right can send messages to other users within their organization. This enhancement to the feature provides users sub-menus for received, sent, archived, and group messages, allows for the creation and management of user groups, messages to be scheduled for future distribution, and tagging messages as high priority.

+Hide Items from Order History

Users can now hide items from their location's Order from History page using a new icon located next to the Last Purchased Date for any item that has been previously purchased.

+Inventory Management - Audit Trail Report

Allows users with both the Inventory Management and Reporting access rights to generate a report displaying an audit history of items manually changed in the inventory list.

+Inventory Management - Transfers

Allows users with the Inventory Management access right to transfer stock from one storage location to another storage location.

+Remove Discontinued Items from Custom E-Catalogs

Allows Custom E-Catalog administrators the option to remove discontinued items from their E-Catalogs through the existing green icon.

+Limit Invoice Access by Shipping Location

Allows users with the Statements and Payments access right the ability to filter invoices on the Account Summary/Open Transaction pages by shipping location access.

+Credit Report Updates

Added several new columns to the existing Credit Report including invoice# and date and credit memo# and date.

Enhancement Archives

+Access Order Status for Multiple Locations

The Order Status section of the Henry Schein Website can be used to efficiently access information about orders placed with Henry Schein including an order's current status with tracking information. With this new enhancement, Users can now access any order placed within any location they have access to from the Order Status page.

Access Order Status for Multiple Locations

+Save Items to Shopping List

The "Save Items to Shopping List" enhancement provides Users a new option to add individual items to a new or existing Shopping List from Search Results pages and from the Product Detail page.

Save Items to Shopping List

+Dashboard Notifications After Login

After logging in to the Website, the "Dashboard Notification" enhancement displays a blue box with notifications for any tasks that are relevant for the specific user that logged in. If clicked on, the user will be taken to the page on the Website where they can complete the task. For example, if the prompt shows the user they have 3 orders awaiting approval, the user can click on the prompt to open the Unplaced Orders page where the orders can be approved.

Dashboard Notifications After Login

+Website Inventory Management System Enhancements

The Henry Schein Website Inventory Management system allows you to manage items purchased from Henry Schein through a web-based interface to reduce inventory shrinkage, prevent excess inventory cost, and consolidate orders, which ultimately contributes to supply chain automation. In order to provide even more value to customers who use this tool, Henry Schein has recently enhanced the system by adding customizable Storage Locations, logic to reflect for Demand changes due to seasonality, the ability to select specific items a user does not want order suggestions for, and more. To learn about these enhancements in greater detail, please visit to contact a Supply Chain Technology Specialist.

Website Inventory Management System Enhancements

+Predictive Search Upgrades

The Predictive Search functionality on the Website has been enhanced to help customers find the products they are looking for through suggestions based upon the text a user enters into the Search Bar. Additionally, the background has been darkened to highlight the Predictive Search functionality.

Predictive Search Upgrades

+PO# Field Character Increase

In order to provide more customizable PO #'s for customers, the PO field character restriction has been increased from 15 to 25 characters.

PO# Field Character Increase

+Order Approval — Request Changes

This enhancement to the Order Approval process provides designated Approvers a new option to reject orders that are pending approval, routing them back to the original purchaser with comments for changes. The original purchaser will receive an email notifying them that their order has been rejected with the Approver's comments and a link to the Unplaced Orders page to conveniently update and resubmit the order for approval. The purchaser will also receive a notification on their Account Dashboard for added convenience. Additionally, the existing "Orders Placed" report has a new column to display these events.

Order Approval — Request Changes

Supply Chain Technology

Henry Schein Supply Chain Technology tools are designed to ease the burden of everyday healthcare purchasing tasks. For more information, visit our Supply Chain Technology Help Center.