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Shofu – Beautifil Flow Plus X


Beautifil Flow Plus X

Buy 3 Beautifil Flow Plus X Tips or Syringes, Get 1 Beautifil Flow Plus X F00 A2!*

Must use promo code HWF. Offer valid until 6/4/23.

Significantly reduce secondary decay with Beautifil Flow Plus X, a flowable composite with FDA approval for all restorative classes—including occlusal and cusp. Giomer Technology allows Beautifil Flow Plus X to have clinically proven, long-term healthful properties unavailable in other restorative materials, including anti-bacterial, anti-plaque effect, acid neutralization, fluoride release and recharge, and more.

This bioactive nano-hybrid flowable composite demonstrates excellent flexural and compressive strength, maintains exceptional color stability before and after curing, and the patented nanofiller particles (400nm) provide Beautifil Flow Plus X enhanced mechanical properties and effortless polishing that produces a sustainable, high-luster finish. Its unique filler structure combines the light transmission and diffusion properties of both dentin and enamel. Available in two viscosities, Zero Flow (F00) and Low Flow (F03). With excellent shape retention, F00 accurately restores occlusal morphology without slumping, and F03 thoroughly wets the cavity walls and has superior adaption.

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*Mix and match shades/viscosities. Must be like item. Email this page with a copy of your Henry Schein Dental invoice to Bonus products will be shipped to you directly from Shofu Dental Corporation, San Marcos, CA. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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