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Start the New Year Right by Outsourcing Dental Billing

Start the New Year Right by Outsourcing Dental Billing

Start the New Year Right by Outsourcing Dental Billing

Start the New Year Right by Outsourcing Dental Billing

The end of each year comes with many “rushes”. The rush to make Thanksgiving dinner, to get the best Black Friday deal, and of course, the rush to ensure that next year will see ever-increasing revenue and profits for your practice. Before you know it, the new year has arrived and it’s time to make that happen. Your dental billing processes and insurance (or patient) A/R is your first line of defense in scalability and generating revenue. Without prompt attention to unpaid or rejected claims, your practice quickly falls to the wayside in terms of cash flow and peace of mind.

Why do I want to outsource my dental billing?

Many dentists are by now familiar with the automation of several different industry processes, with electronic claim forms, EFT deposits, and seamless integration for payroll and PMS. However, the idea of automating the dental billing process is newer, especially when it comes to accuracy checks, submission, and any relevant follow-up. Your office staff are responsible for every patient that comes through your door, on top of the claims each treatment represents. Why not take the step to reduce the burden on your staff as well as integrate a seamless, dedicated outsourced billing team?

The gift of decreased A/R

eAssist Dental Solutions was created by dentists, for dentists. The new year push to keep balances in the black and insurance A/R out of the red is a never-ending cycle of “almost there”. Outsourcing works to remove the problem of dedicated time, energy, and money spent on recuperating what is rightfully yours. As well as this, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your insurance and patient A/R are being managed effectively is worth the investment in itself. eAssist has the nation’s leading track record for establishing a course correction and diminishing your insurance A/R.

On average, dentists who outsource their dental billing to eAssist see a 76% decrease in their over 90 insurance A/R after just 30 days.

Dentists across the country utilize the solutions provided by eAssist to augment and integrate modern, automated solutions to some of dentistry’s most problematic financial tasks. Of course, eAssist isn’t just committed to your dental revenue cycle management. We integrate our services into the many intricate financial processes of your practice as you see fit, from accounting to patient recall and insurance verification. If dentistry presents a problem, eAssist can present you with a solution. Plus, transparency in daily, weekly, and monthly reporting means you’re never in the dark about where your money is or where it’s coming from. Choose a singular dental billing package or our proprietary Revenue Boosting Bundle, combining the best from eAssist, Unitas PPO Solutions, and Practice Booster.

Outsource with the nation’s leading provider of dental billing services

Whether you’re the primary owner of a practice, a multi-location DSO, or simply wondering how eAssist can fit into your revenue cycle management, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with us at your convenience. There’s no need to struggle to collect 100% of what you’re rightfully owed. eAssist can help start the new year right by rushing to collect your outstanding insurance today.