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Por qué los reembolsos de su PPO son bajos - y qué hacer al respecto 5 cosas que hay que saber antes de incorporar un nuevo dentista asociado

Por qué los reembolsos de su PPO son bajos - y qué hacer al respecto 5 cosas que hay que saber antes de incorporar un nuevo dentista asociado

Why Your PPO Reimbursements Are Low - And What To Do About It

By Christi Billquist

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Your dental practice is just like every other business - it needs revenue to survive. Your revenue needs to increase steadily over time to keep up with the rising costs of owning a business.

For most dental practices, the majority of the revenue you receive comes from PPO insurance companies, and is controlled by your reimbursement rates.

PPO Insurance can be a great resource for maintaining and receiving new patients, however, the reimbursements rates you signed up for will most likely remain low. This means, with your business costs rising each year, your revenue could continue to shrink. If you want to stay in network with PPO Insurance, but still want to keep growing the revenue for your practice, and maintaining a reasonable amount of profit, there are 3 possible solutions:

  1. Spend money in marketing efforts to attract new patients. (i.e. increase the amount of your production)
  2. Convince your current patients to accept more treatment. (i.e. increase per patient production)
  3. Increase your PPO Reimbursements through negotiations and optimization. (i.e. increase the amount of cash flow per patient)

Sadly, all of these solutions require time, money, and a lot of effort on your part.

However, option three - Increase Your PPO Reimbursements, can be made possible by our team at Unitas Dental.

At Unitas, we will negotiate with your current or future PPO insurance companies to raise your reimbursements rates. We can also rearrange (or optimize) the way you participate with insurance, in order to take advantage of a higher paying plan.

Why should you hire a third-party like Unitas rather than negotiate on your own? The answer is simple, your PPO reimbursement rates matter, and if you negotiate a higher fee schedule, you'll likely be locked into those reimbursements for a minimum of 2 years.

Unitas has negotiated higher reimbursements for thousands of dentist's across the United States since 2011. Having reviewed tens of thousands of fee schedules, we know what a competitive negotiation offer looks like.

At Unitas, our experienced team understands the inner-workings of PPO participation, and how to negotiate and optimize your participation.

Your costs of doing business rise each year, shouldn't your PPO reimbursements rise with them? We think so, and we can help make that happen.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today. One of our PPO Negotiation experts will review your practice, PPOs, and provide you with a projected return-on-investment through our PPO management service.

Click here to schedule a free consultation.

Christi Billquist
Christi Billquist is the Director of Operations at Unitas PPO Solutions. Christi began a career working in the insurance industry while completing her Bachelor's degree at Utah State University. Christi spent 15 years working for a national insurance company focusing on fraud investigations. In 2012, Christi decided to leave the corporate insurance world to join Unitas. Over the past 10 years, Christi has become a dental insurance industry expert and has been instrumental in Unitas's growth in providing PPO negotiation, optimization and credentialing services to thousands of dental practices across the country. Christi genuinely loves helping dental offices understand and increase their PPO revenue, and especially enjoys helping new business owners navigate the transition from associate to practice owner.

Christi Billquist