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eAssist Dental Solutions

eAssist Dental Solutions

$11 Billion+ Collected for Dentists Like You

Insurance claims getting denied? eAssist can help!

Dental claims management is essential to eliminating accounts receivable issues. eAssist can help your office in collecting all insurance revenue that is rightfully owed to you. Their dedicated team of experts, with over a decade of experience, will ensure your over ninety (90) days insurance account balances are ZERO.

Dental Billing Has Evolved

Don’t live in the dental billing “dark ages” doing things the old way. eAssist’s tech-powered, future-focused solutions eliminate wasted time, increase your income and reduce stress for you and your team.

5 Reasons to choose eAssist dental billing

1. Your Income Will Grow & Receivables Will Shrink

We know what causes rejected insurance claims and how to prevent them; effectively appealing denied claims to get paid faster, our clients earn more than they did before–even after paying our fee.

2. You will be Paid Faster by Insurance Companies

Our focus is filing claims correctly the first time. We discover and help correct inefficiencies in office practices that lead to denied claims–eliminating most delays before the claim is sent.

3. You Will Write Off Fewer Insurance Adjustments

Often unnecessary adjustments are requested by insurance companies. Because we understand what is rightfully yours, we do all we can to ensure you are paid; seeing that the 90 day insurance accounts receivables will always be at a minimum.

4. You Will Enjoy More Organizational Stability

Staff turnover means delays in insurance filing and collections unless we are there. We ensure that your dental insurance collection mechanism is never disrupted again and we will organize your EOBs into searchable PDF documents.

5. Your Staff’s Focus Shifts to the Patients and their needs

Patients will more likely pay for treatment if they are given written treatment plan estimates that are exact. It takes time to verify insurances, ensure fee schedules are correct, and build relationships with patients. Your staff will have time to do that now.


eAssist Pricing

DENTAL BILLING The amount of work to send claims, post EOBs, appeal denied claims, and keep your over ninety days insurance accounts receivables at a minimum is variable depending on how many patients you service monthly. The fees for this insurance accounts receivables service “as described in the above bullet points” are variable depending on what is collected from insurance. The following payment schedule applies for all offices:
PLAN Small Medium Large Enterprise
PRICING $1,377.00/month
per location
of insurance collections per location
of insurance collections per location
of insurance collections per location
SUITED FOR Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections under $40,000 per month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $40,000 and $100,000 per month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $100,000 and $150,000 per month. Collections up to $100,000 are billed at 3.50%/month. Remaining amount over $100,000 is invoiced at 3.00%/month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections over $150,000 per month. Insurance collections up to $100,000 are billed at 3.5%/month, between $100,000 – $150,000 are 3.00%/month, and anything over $150,000 is billed at 2.50%/month.

*Unlike many other dental billing service providers, eAssist provides solutions and service for Ortho Denti-Cal at a rate of 7%.


Simplify Your Cash Flow with eAssist
Simplify Your Cash Flow with eAssist

Created to relieve dental practices from the burden of liaising with insurance companies, eAssist allows practices to off-load revenue cycle management so that they can have the cash flow necessary to keep them in business.

7 Deadly Sins Of Dental Insurance Claim Denials
7 Deadly Sins Of Dental Insurance Claim Denials

With nearly 65% of dental practices participating with dental insurance, dental insurance billing is a crucial element of revenue cycle management. Let's explore the 7 most common claim issues that lead to denials and delays, and how to avoid them to have steadier cash flow.

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Struggling with dental insurance claims? You're not alone! A staggering two-thirds of dental practices rely on insurance for revenue, making effective claims management essential for success. Fear not - our latest e-book, the 2023 Dental Claims Survival Guide, is here to help. This concise, easy-to-read guide exposes the seven most expensive errors dental practices make when processing insurance claims,and offers solutions to steer clear of them.

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10 Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Revenue Cycle

If you're not sufficiently profitable, you won't be able to deliver the kind of experience that keeps your patients coming back to your office. To run a thriving, financially-profitable practice, you and your staff must be working toward the same goals, and follow proven practices that will help you achieve them. This is what moved us to compile the 10 PROVEN STRATEGIES that will improve the health of your revenue cycle.

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The 6 Essential Elements of a Successful Dental Practice

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6 Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Outsourcing Your Dental Insurance Billing & Claims Processing

Thinking about outsourcing your dental billing and claim processing? There’s a lot to consider and several great options for dental billing companies out there… so how do you pick? Is it even worth it? We have 6 things you should consider before making the decision to outsource. Click the button below for your one-click instant download.

Becoming the Ultimate Office Manager – Rocking Pre-Appointment Readiness

A dental office manager gets pulled in a dizzying number of directions every day — delivering patient care, presenting treatment plans, scheduling to goal, coaching staff, responding to the doctor's needs, etc., etc., etc. — all while simultaneously trying to handle the many billing processes that keep the practice on a path of financial profitability.

Becoming the Ultimate Office Manager Part 2 – How to Implement Winning Systems to Maximize Your Practice Collections

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Becoming the Ultimate Office Manager Part 3 – Dynamic Strategies to Increase Practice Production and Profits

Getting patients through the door and into a chair isn't always simple. Certain times of the year, your practice may experience an influx of patients — spring, summer, and fall break, for example, are traditionally very busy times for dental offices across the nation.

Case Studies


I can’t tell you how utterly relieved I was to now have the billing portion of my practice completely outside of my office, and in the hands of professionals.”



I can spend eight hours doing dentistry and connecting with people, and I feel great! Whereas, spending ten minutes worrying about a collections balance sheet feels like it ages me. And, patients and staff can feel when, in the back of your mind, you’re worried about collections or overhead.”



It was possible when we were a slower, smaller, single-dentist practice. Plus, I had team members who had been with me for years. But as things started to grow and change, the billing started to get complicated.”


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