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enPuls Radial Pulse Therapy by Dynatronics - Henry Schein Medical

Target Sore Tissue Pain with Nonsurgical Radial Pulse Therapy from enPuls

Treat your athletes suffering from sore tissue pain—and reduce the stress on your hands and fingers—with the enPuls from Dynatronics, available from Henry Schein.

The enPuls is an innovative, high-tech ballistic mechanism with an electromagnetic drive system that uses electromagnetic transfer to deliver kinetic energy.

What does that mean? The kinetic energy that the enPuls produces is transformed as it travels through the treatment head into impact energy that is delivered as radial pulse waves into the tissue. These unique radial pulse waves deliver energy into the target tissue where traditional soft tissue therapy techniques cannot reach, treating muscle pain and increasing circulation in the target tissue.

enPuls Benefits for Patients

The best therapies need proven results, but they also need to be comfortable for the patient. enPuls softshot technology delivers a more comfortable treatment than traditional shockwave therapies with the same energy. Energy is maintained by a longer pulse rise time. This eliminates the need for unpleasant high peak-pressure amplitudes.

The lower peak and longer rise time minimize the stinging and painful sensation that is normally associated with this type of therapy. Increased patient comfort results in easier treatments at higher energy levels, leading to successful therapy.

enPuls Benefits for Clinicians

The heavy-duty aluminum handpiece delivers optimal energy to the patient, but its ergonomic design protects against vibrations to the hands of the clinician. Pulses are triggered using a foot pedal, ensuring targeted treatment and allowing the clinician to concentrate on hand positioning for the treatment. The design allows for single-handed use, allowing the second hand to be free to adjust treatment parameters during the session.

The concentrated therapy will decrease treatment times for chronic soft-tissue pain patients and increase your efficiency, resulting in better outcomes for you and your patients.

The enPuls is easy to use and operate. Features include a color touchscreen, innovative interface, and a range of applicator heads of varying sizes and shapes that can be quickly changed out without the use of tools, allowing treatments to be adjusted as needed.

Optional accessories, including a move cart and carry case, offer additional convenience and mobility.

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