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Medpod MobileDoc m2d2

Medpod MobileDoc m2d2

Medpod MobileDoc m2d2 - Henry Schein Medical

Medpod® MobileDoc® m2d2

The Ultimate Portable Practice

For Outbound Patient Applications

Robust professional telediagnostics capabilities packed into a carry-on bag.

  • Transform any environment into a clinical care setting - from House calls to Hospital-at-Home
  • Enables the mobilization of care to expand provider reach -powers remote consultations on par with a face-to-face visit
  • Easily roll out patient-centric exams with Medpod Medilogistics™ - driven by Uber Health
  • Disrupt traditional care delivery - create new pathways that reduce costs, and improve convenience and patient outcomes
  • Flexible and customizable mobile medical infrastructure
  • Optimized for use with mobile cellular service and Wi-Fi
  • Live video, audio, clinical and lab data streaming, and remote telediagnostic device control
  • Provider access through web browser - no software to install; EHR integration available

Medpod MobileDoc m2d2

Breaking the boundaries of traditional care settings.

  • House-calls Reinvented
  • Urgent Care-at-Home
  • Hospital-at-Home
  • Worksites
  • Schools
  • Ambulance
  • EMT-Community Paramedicine

Exceptional Care Anywhere!

  • Extending practice reach
  • Personalized & concierge medicine
  • Enables ER patient intercept - diversion
  • Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)
  • Bringing on-site clinic capabilities to small employers
  • Visiting doctor/visiting nurse
  • Expanding off-site point-of-care options

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Medpod MobileDoc m2d2 MMD-201 MMD-301 - Henry Schein Medical
Medpod MobileDoc m2d2 MMD-201 MMD-301 - Henry Schein Medical

Protect Your Investment

  • Free Lifetime* Medpod Software Helpline
  • Extended Warranties
  • Remote and On-site Service Packages
  • Training Programs

m2d2 transforms where, and how, care can be delivered

* Free Lifetime Medpod Software Helpline applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Other terms and conditions may apply. Ask your rep for further details.