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Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices

Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices

Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices - Henry Schein Medical

Endoscope Reprocessing Best Practices

Compliant Care and Cleaning of GI Endoscopes

Endoscope reprocessing is generally recognized as one of the most complicated and highly regulated infection preventions protocols. As recently as April 2016, the CDC re-issued an advisory to all healthcare facilities as a reminder to review procedures for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing reusable devices.

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The intricacy of this healthcare priority is detailed in the major steps of endoscope reprocessing steps on the chart below. With compliant instrument reprocessing as the primary objective, it is recommended that healthcare facilities strictly follow AORN, AAMI in concert with state and local guidelines according to manufacturer instructions for use (IFU).

Step 1: Bedside Pre-cleaning

Pre-cleaning must occur at point of use in order to keep blood and other organic material from drying.

Step 2: Transport

Contaminated items should be immediately transported to the decontamination area before any remaining organic material dries on the surface, box lock, crevices or channels of the instruments.

Step 3: Manual Cleaning And Rinsing

Meticulous cleaning and rinsing must precede HLD or sterilization of reusable medical devices in accordance with the device manufacturer's validated IFU.

Step 4: High Level Disinfection And Rinsing

For chemical HLD, healthcare facilities must purchase an FDA cleared HLD product as listed on the FDA website.

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Step 5: Drying And Storage

After devices are rinsed they can be dried with a lint free cloth, air and an alcohol flush when cleaning flexible endoscopes.

Step 6: Record Keeping

Follow AAMI and ANSI standards while complying with local and JACHO protocols

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OPA Record Keeping
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