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Dermatology Equipment

Dermatology Equipment

A Comprehensive Selection of Dermatology Equipment from Henry Schein

Henry Schein Medical offers a wide range of aesthetic and therapeutic dermatology equipment to best suit the needs of your practice—and so you can serve your patients with quality service and the latest innovative procedures.

Aesthetic Dermatology Equipment - Henry Schein Medical

Aesthetic Dermatology Equipment

Laser therapy, light therapy, mechanical exfoliation, liposuction, spa treatment, and spa treatment tables.

Therapeutic Dermatology Equipment - Henry Schein Medical

Therapeutic Dermatology Equipment

Cryogun, Wood's light, Bovie Derm 101, DermLite, and magnifiers.

For more information about ordering our dermatology products, contact a Henry Schein Representative at 1-800-845-3550 or request for info and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.