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Dialysis Medical Equipment

Dialysis Medical Equipment

Dialysis Equipment - Henry Schein

Henry Schein's knowledgeable Dialysis team can assist you with all of your clinic's Dialysis Equipment needs. From hand held devices to patient recliners, we have what you need. Your equipment and supplies are vital to the success of your Dialysis clinic and the health of your patients. At Henry Schein, we can assist and guide you to determine what products best meet your needs.

Featured Dialysis Equipment

Our Dialysis Equipment catalog features details on the most frequently used Dialysis equipment items. These items include but are not limited to Patient Lifts, Oxygen Concentrators, Wheelchairs, Blood Pressure Monitors and Thermometers. Click Here to check out the electronic Dialysis Equipment Catalog!

Dialysis Equipment Catalog

Emergency Dialysis Equipment and Items

Emergency Dialysis Equipment and supplies, are available for purchase on the Henry Schein Dialysis' website. We can assist in identifying emergency items and emergency cart contents that will comply with ACLS protocol. Should an emergency arise, be prepared by maintaining a fully stocked crash cart and additional supplies handy in your clinic. We can assist you to identify the right emergency items for your facility.

  • Establish protocols for emergency response and transfer. Download a Sample Emergency Crash Cart Checklist
  • Designate licensed personnel to perform scheduled daily inventories of your crash cart supplies for expiration and availability while registering compliance on an approved checklist. Download A Sample Inventory List

Standard Dialysis Equipment and Parts

The right Dialysis equipment can bring significant benefits to your clinic. Dialysis Equipment can better assist you and your team to provide optimal care for your patients and will help achieve overall satisfaction.

Contact the Henry Schein Dialysis team today for all of your clinic's Dialysis Equipment needs!

Phone: 1-800-521-1472