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Dialysis Center Medical Supplies

Dialysis Center Medical Supplies

Dialysis Supplies

Henry Schein understands the unique needs of renal centers and offers products to meet your needs to perform the dialysis treatment. We have partnered with the top manufacturer partners in the industry to provide you with high quality products leading to better patient outcomes. Explore below our options for dialysis specific products along with our full portfolio of med/surg products.

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Blood Tubing Sets

Streamline® Blood Tubing

The New Standard in Blood Tubing

  • Reduces Clotting
  • Enhances staff efficiency
  • Improves hemodynamic stability
  • Reduces hazardous waste
  • Eliminates the need for transducer protectors
  • Reported to lower costs while improving/maintaining performance

For additional information please see the Streamline Brochure

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Streamline® Blood Tubing - Henry Schein Medical

Conventional Blood Tubing Sets Also Available

NiproSet™ Blood Tubing

All NiproSet™ blood tubing sets are designed to enhance safety and efficiency, with all sets individually pre-labeled based on equipment compatibility. NiproSet™ clear PVC tubing is designed to withstand pressure and manipulation without compromising flow rate accuracy and consistency, regardless of equipment used.


  • Medication Ports
  • Color-Coded Clamps
  • Transducer Protectors
  • Drip Chambers
  • Priming Sets
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NiproSet™ Blood Tubing - Henry Schein Medical

Fistula Needles

Medisystems ButtonHole® & MasterGuard.® Fistula Needles


Our AVF needles are designed with exquisite attention to detail to achieve the smoothest possible flow path. A smooth flow path is designed to reduce clotting, lower pressure drops, and reduce turbulence stress on the patient's blood.

  • Only MasterGuard has a FingerShield® anchor to protect the pressure-holding fingers.
  • The MasterGuard needle protector is proven in published clinical studies to reduce needlestick injuries.
  • Clear MasterGuard allows visualization of the needle point as it exits the patient.
  • MasterGuard has an audible and tactile click to confirm the needle is locked in place.
  • MasterGuard does not affect or interfere with site selection, cannulation technique, or tape-down.
MasterGuard.® Needles - Henry Schein Medical

Buttonhole® with Steripick™

Repeated cannulation of the same site (constant-site technique) has been used worldwide to cannulate native AV fistulas in hemodialysis for over 25 years. Reported benefits of ButtonHole include:

  • Less discomfort in cannulation for both patients and staff
  • Reductions in incidence of hematoma and risk of thrombosis
  • Less painful cannulation because of the scar tissue tunnel track, which can reduce patient fear
  • Fewer missed sticks

The SteriPick provides a highly effective solution designed for the safe and simple removal of the ButtonHole scab:

  • It can be removed without exposing the needle.
  • It remains sterile until the point of actual use (removing the scab).
  • Its sharp point is covered and protected throughout shipping of the needle.
  • Its tip is designed for safe and easy scab removal.
  • It replaces the need for tweezers or other separate instruments.
  • It is available on a wide range of gauges, tubing lengths, rotating hubs and cannula lengths.

Safety and Savings with TWINPACK

Tired of Wasting a Needle for Re-stick?

  • Our ideal Twinpack shipper has 250 needles per box, including 120 pair + 10 single packs.
  • Now you can stock singles without stocking an additional code.
  • Elimination of inner boxes reduces storage space and packaging waste.
  • Compact shipper can be sent to home patients without repacking.
  • Single needles available for re-sticks.
  • Red and blue clamps match Medisystems bloodline arterial and venous counterparts.
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Nipro Fistula Needles

SafeTouch Tulip™ Safety Fistula Needles

The Nipro SafeTouch Tulip™ Safety Fistula Needle features an innovative low profile design and a clear, patented "tulip-shaped" needle protector to prevent accidental needle sticks.

Safety - The needle's safety device makes an audible click to indicate the protector is locked.

Ease of Use - safety device can be activated using a one-handed technique.

Comfort - low profile design.

SafeTouch Tulip™ Safety Fistula Needles - Henry Schein Medical

Safetouch™ II Safety Fistula Needles

The Nipro SafeTouch™ II Safety Fistula Needle features a low profile design and a system with "built-in" advantages: once locked, stays locked. The needle's safety device makes an audible click to indicate the protector is locked and can be activated using a one-handed technique.

Safetouch™ II Safety Fistula Needles - Henry Schein Medical

BioHole Dull Fistula Needle with Capick

The Nipro Biohole Dull Fistula Needle with CAPICK scab remover creates an excellent combination for the buttonhole technique by extending the life of the AV fistula access. Its low profile needle bevel prevents cutting of the established scar tissue tunnel and minimizes penetration force which may be associated with less venipuncture pain. The sterile CAPICK scab remover is designed to assist in preparing the access with ease, for proper cannulation technique. The Nipro Biohole Dull Fistula Needle with CAPICK scab remover can be used for in-center dialysis treatment as well as home hemodialysis and self-cannulation patients.

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ELISIO™ Dialyzer

When Nipro set out to reimagine the single use, hollow-fiber dialyzer, their goal was to evolve the new ELISIO™ into a product delivering multiple, valuable advantages. Their design and engineering teams accomplished these objectives, innovating an array of powerful, practical benefits.

Their exclusive POLYNEPHRON™ membrane is designed to function more like the human kidney to deliver better clearance performance.


  • More homogenous pore sizes, resulting in better clearances of uremic toxins and low molecular weight proteins like β2-microglobulin and myoglobin, with limited loss of important proteins such as albumin.
  • Unique ripple structure inside the dialyzer creates more homogenous flow, enhancing small molecule clearances.
  • Ultra smooth polyurethane cut surface minimizes risk of blood cell damage and clotting, resulting in better rinseback to patients.
  • Improved header shape with redesigned caps to optimize blood flow dynamics.
  • Header caps are permanently attached, eliminating unexpected removal or reuse.


  • The only dialyzer in the U.S. made with polymers not containing BPA or DEHP, both proven to be endocrine disruptors.


  • Lighter than existing dialyzers to reduce shipping and disposal costs, plus it requires fewer raw materials to produce.
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ELISIO Dialyzer - Henry Schein Medical

Asahi Rexeed Dialyzers

Asahi Kasei Medical has raised overall dialyzer performance by combining its polysulfone membrane REXBRANE with a new jacket design to provide optimal flow dynamics. Its inner surface incorporates Asahi's unique hydrophilic gel-layer technology, which minimizes blood-membrane interaction and plays a crucial role in anticoagulation requirements.


  • Surface areas available: 1.5m2 (superscript), 1.8m2, 2.1m2, 2.5m2
  • REXBRANE membrane
  • New X-jacket design for improved flow dynamics
  • Exceptional urea, creatinine, and phosphate clearance rates
  • High mid-sized molecule removal rate
  • Low albumin loss
  • Proprietary fiber inner-gel layer minimizes platelet activation
  • EtO-free and gamma-sterilized
  • Color-coded headers
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Asahi Rexeed Dialyzers - Henry Schein Medical

Ancillary Dialysis Supplies

MesaLabs Solutions

  • Mesa Labs solutions are compatible with other industry meters
  • FDA 510(k) clearance for a complete line of conductivity solutions
  • Long-duration shelf life for unopened pH buffer solutions and conductivity solutions
  • No expiration date for NEOCARE cell-cleaning solution
  • Fully ISO17025 compliant manufacturing facility
  • Laboratory Quality
  • NIST Traceable
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Ancillary Dialysis Supplies - Henry Schein Medical


This complete, nectar thick, liquid protein contains 16 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of arginine per 1 oz. It is available in a variety of great flavors and is the perfect alternative for large volume supplements that are difficult to consume. Dialysis and bariatric friendly.

  • Contains all essential and nonessential amino acids
  • Sugar and gluten free
  • Nectar consistency
  • Superb taste and great for mixing
  • Can be taken straight or diluted with 1 to 6oz of your favorite beverage
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LiquaCel - Henry Schein Medical

TEGO® Connector

Never before in dialysis...a closed system for central venous catheters.

  • Microbiologically and mechanically closed connector
  • Lower your costs
  • Protect the catheter from contamination
  • Flow rates of greater than 600cc/min
  • The first nonabrasive exterior
  • Ultra-small and comfortable for the patient
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LiquaCel - Henry Schein Medical

ViraGuard Viral Blocking Patient-Transducer Protector

Disposable air filter assembly with a double Luer lock. Helps to protect against both bacterial and viral cross contamination.

  • Exclusive airflow design for quick response time with fewer false alarms
  • Hydrophobic membrane with 0.2μ effective filter pore size
  • Dual Luer lock fittings
  • Compliant material helps ensure a secure machine fit for accurate pressure readings and less incidence of wet out
  • Unique design allows increased tightening
  • Ridged finger grips for easier handling
  • Convenient bulk sterile packaging saves disposable waste
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ViraGuard Viral Blocking Patient-Transducer Protector - Henry Schein Medical

Medic Plastic Anti-Stick Needle/Connector

Engineered to help reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks. It meets the requirements for engineered sharps protection described by OSHA. A safe, easy, cost effective means of reducing the use of sharps in your clinic.

  • Performs the functions of a traditional needle, with the exception of skin puncture
  • Features a precisely shaped tip designed to reduce the risk of accidental needle sticks
  • Can be used with any standard Luer lock syringe
  • Easily accesses drug vials, blood collection tubes, and Medisystems blood tubing injection sites
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Medic Anti-Stick Ndl Connector - Henry Schein Medical

Disposable Tube Occluding Forceps

Superior MaxiLock System

Equipped with a deep grooved superior MaxiLock system, which means it will not come off the line unless you take it off. This exclusive MaxiLock system ensures you a secure and durable hold every time.

  • Comfortable oval finger holes accommodate gloved hands
  • Smooth jaws won't damage occluded tubing
  • Jaws remain aligned when tubing is occluded
  • Easy to use, reliable, safe and effective
  • Holds color—Will not "chalk out"
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GUARDIAN™ Dialysis Test Strips

Serim has been instrumental in pioneering the development of test strips for measuring the presence of disinfectants and water quality in thousands of dialysis centers worldwide. As part of Serim's ongoing effort of integrity and service, we provide our customers with quick, easy and accurate tests for the safety of their patients.

The Serim GUARDIAN™ line of Dialysis products includes five main areas of testing:

  • Residual disinfectant
  • Disinfectant potency
  • Water Quality
  • Dialysate Quality
  • Peritoneal dialysis

Why choose Serim GUARDIAN test strips?

  • Serim Guardian test strips are FDA-cleared for use in dialysis
  • Serim pioneered Residual and Potency test strips
  • The GUARDIAN line has the industry's longest opened bottle shelf life
  • Two unique tests are available for detecting low levels of total chlorine in feed water and post-carbon treated water
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Private Brand Supplies

Quality, Selection and Value You Can Rely On

Now, more than ever, you require value-priced products for your facility. At Henry Schein, you can rely on us to provide diverse product options that will help you achieve maximum profitability while maintaining patient satisfaction throughout your facility. We are dedicated to constantly improving and expanding our selection of items to meet the growing needs of our customers.

In this special publication of our Henry Schein Brand products, you will find a wide variety of choices focused on everyday essentials, including high-quality diagnostics; infection control supplies; hypodermics; disposables from table paper to drapes and gowns; and exam gloves featuring the popular Criterion line; and wound care items such as gauze, dressings and bandages.

Henry Schein is a name you can trust. The Henry Schein Brand product line has met our high standards of quality and effectiveness- earning the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence- your guarantee of satisfaction. We invite you to try our line and experience the value, selection, and quality that we stand behind with over 80-years history of serving health care professionals around the world.

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