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Crash Cart

Crash Cart

Crash carts - Henry Schein

Crash carts, also known as code carts, are available for purchase on the Henry Schein Medical website. All of our crash cart emergency equipment and emergency cart contents comply with advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) protocols. In case of an emergency, be compliant by having all of your crash cart supplies at arm’s-length. We offer a wide variety of products to assist your practice in finding the right crash cart for your facility.

Crash Cart Best Practices

  • Design a standardized crash cart that meets the requirements of your facility, the patient population you treat, and procedures you perform.
  • Review and modify crash cart inventory as required by the anesthesia and medical staff at your facility.
  • Document necessary approvals for inventory list and emergency management protocols by your Medical Executive Committee and Governing Board.
  • Establish protocols for emergency response and transfer. Download a sample emergency crash cart checklist.
  • Designate licensed personnel to perform scheduled daily inventories of your crash cart supplies for expiration and availability while registering compliance on an approved checklist. Download a sample inventory list.
  • Ensure functionality, accessibility, and security of all Medical Equipment, crash cart drugs, and supply inventory.
  • Implement ongoing educational trainings and quarterly drills while documenting each event.