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Customer Key Purchasing Insights

Customer Key Purchasing Insights

Customer Key Purchasing Insights - Henry Schein Medical

Customer Key Purchasing Insights

The Customer Key Purchasing Insights advanced reporting analytics tool is comprised of 13 visual and interactive dashboards that allow customers to drill-down into deep purchasing insights regarding order status, location spend, product category spend, manufacturer spend and contract spend in a customizable and visually immersive format.

Watch the overview video or explore the available training material below to learn more!

How-To Guides - Henry Schein Medical
How-To Guides

Need a quick walk-through on how to use the CKPI feature? Our "How-To Guides" give you the info you need in a bite-sized format!

Dashboard Overviews - Henry Schein Medical
Dashboard Overviews

Want to learn more about what Dashboards are available to you through the CKPI Feature? Explore our dashboard overviews to see an explanation of each with a sample screenshot.

Practice Examples - Henry Schein Medical
Practice Examples

Want to see example situations you can use the CKPI Feature for? Our Practice Examples show common customer use cases and how to replicate them.