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Bleeding Control Kits

Bleeding Control Kits

Bleeding Control Kits - Henry Schein Medical

Stop Life-Threatening Bleeding with Bleeding Control Kits

Everyday emergencies, such as automobile accidents, natural disasters, self-inflicted injuries, or shootings, can cause life-threatening bleeding. Bleeding Control Kits from North American Rescue® allow first responders, EMT, law enforcement, and the public to immediately take action and contribute to life-saving efforts.

All NAR life-saving products are Products with a Mission®—meaning they’re driven by Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, supported by evidence-based medicine, and validated by Laboratory Tested – Combat Proven® history. North American Rescue is a dedicated partner, providing life-saving medical gear and training to help in the efforts to increase survivability by reducing potentially preventable causes of death.

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