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I-Bresis Iontophoresis System

I-Bresis Iontophoresis System

I-Bresis™ Iontophoresis System - Henry Schein Medical

Ensure Optimal Drug Delivery for Your Athletes with the I-Bresis™ Iontophoresis System

Iontophoresis is a type of electrical stimulation used to administer medication into a patient's body through the skin, and it's used to treat a number of ailments.

The I-Bresis hybrid iontophoresis system offers optimal drug delivery along with flexible, time-saving treatment options. With three treatment modes and the ability to deliver medication with positive or negative polarity, you're able to choose the right medication and right application for each athlete.

Features include:

  • Shorter treatments. The I-Bresis Mode powers a three-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement to help break down the skin's resistance, resulting in a 40-80mA-min treatment in approximately one to two hours.
  • Convenience. The I-Bresis Patch provides fill-and-go efficiency. Built-in batteries plus dose controller activation allows quick and effective application.
  • Active delivery to accelerate recovery. Applying direct current drives penetration by opening pathways to the skin. Compared to passive delivery, the I-Bresis Patches deliver the patient greater benefit from each treatment, ensuring more medication reaches the target tissue.

Accessories include:

  • I-Bresis Charging Station - keeps the dose controllers charged between uses
  • I-Bresis Dose Controller - activates I-Bresis and Standard modes allowing for the perfect treatment
  • I-Bresis Patch - can be used with or without the dose controller; built-in batteries allow fast, fill-and-go application

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