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Rising Star 2024

Rising Star 2024

Rising Star - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

2024 Rising Star Award Winner, Aline Valiengo, MS, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine for Coconut Creek High School!

It's a privilege to witness athletes' resilience, growth, and achievements every day. The most rewarding aspect is knowing that you play a crucial role in helping individuals overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and stay healthy both on and off the field," said Aline. "Becoming a finalist for the 2024 Athletic Training Rising Star Award is a humbling affirmation of my devotion. It serves as a reminder of the impact I strive to make every day. As mentors, we have the power to shape the future of athletic training and the lives and careers of those who will carry our legacy forward."

- Aline Valiengo, MS, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Medicine for Coconut Creek High School!


  • Teaches Honors Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Science courses, showcasing dedication to educating others in sports medicine
  • Earned an internship with the USA Volleyball Men's and Women's Olympic Team
Aline Valiengo - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

2024 Rising Star Finalists!

Donjanae Chamberlain - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Donjanae Chamberlain, MS, LAT, ATC

Meet Donjanae Chamberlain, Athletic Trainer for Community Health Network at Anderson High School! After graduating with her undergraduate degree from the University of Saint Francis and a master's from Manchester University, Donjanae became an AT to give back to the community, which helped her grow.

Heroically, on the first day of the school year, Donjanae jumped into action, administering life-saving care to a teacher suffering from cardiac arrest. Thanks to the quick and precise actions of Donjanae and her colleagues, the teacher has since fully recovered and is able to enjoy life once again.

Beyond the athletic training room, she:

  • Built Anderson High's athletic training program from the ground up;
  • Administered life-saving care to a teacher suffering from cardiac arrest

"I wanted to give back to the community that has helped me become the woman I am today. My relationships built through athletic training mean everything to me, inspiring me to be better and work harder every day. I love to see the smiles on my athletes' faces when they're able to get back to the sport they love and compete at full health," said Donjanae. "Being nominated for this award shows that my love and dedication to the profession has paid off. I hope it shows student-athletes that they too can lead the way for those in their own communities."

Christopher Freeborough - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Christopher Freeborough, MBA, LAT, ATC

Meet Christopher Freeborough, Athletic Trainer for Monessen School District! A leader within his community, Chris achieved a 4.0 GPA while earning his MBA/MHA from West Liberty University.

In an extreme act of bravery, Chris served as a first responder after a shooting occurred during an all-star football game, treating victims and several spectators who were injured exiting the stadium.

Beyond the athletic training room, he:

  • Acquired $20,000 in grant money to build high school athletic training facilities for a Title I school in Pennsylvania;
  • Assisted several schools across the Mon Valley and greater Pittsburgh area to create school-employed athletic training positions;
  • Participated on the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) Pre-Hospital Care and Peer Interview Committees;
  • Chaired the UPMC’s Department Orientation and Mentoring Committee;
  • Provided per diem athletic training services to schools facing staffing shortages.

“The most rewarding aspect of being an athletic trainer is our impact on our patients’ lives, helping them become the best versions of themselves on and off the field. Whether it’s returning them to the sport they love, stronger than when they received an injury, or through daily conversation, helping them through adversity with life lessons that will carry well beyond sports, the rapport we build with our patients is unlike any other profession,” said Christopher. “Being named as a 2024 Rising Star finalist reaffirms that I have found my niche within the profession, blending modern knowledge with holistic thinking to help address needs within my community. Being nominated shows that my efforts are valued.”

Brittany Iaiennaro - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Brittany Iaiennaro

Meet Brittany Iaiennaro, Athletic Trainer for Iona University! Attaining her undergraduate degree at Springfield College and her master’s from A.T. Still University, Brittany is passionate about mentoring and educating the next generation of health care professionals.

Sought after for her dedication and knowledge, Brittany is respected among coaches, students, and peers, now serving as the Men’s Basketball athletic trainer. Beyond the athletic training room, she:

  • Has 11 professional certifications;
  • Spearheads an initiative to bolster Iona’s mental health services, serving as the conduit between student-athletes and the counseling center;
  • Worked as a per diem athletic trainer for Chandler Youth Pop Warner Football, Baseball Factory Under Armour All-America, and AT Direct Sports Medicine, all located throughout Arizona.

“I entered this profession with an aspiration to help athletes, both mentally and physically, and I’m grateful that Iona has entrusted me with their premier sport,” said Brittany.

Victoria Simpson - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Victoria Simpson, MS, LAT, ATC

Meet Victoria Simpson, Assistant Football Athletic Trainer for the University of Missouri! With an impressive journey, Victoria holds a master’s degree from the University of South Carolina and has previously worked with Memphis University, the New York Jets, and the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun!

Victoria is passionate about increasing representation in health care and the athletic training community. Beyond the athletic training room, she:

  • Serves on the NATA’s Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee;
  • Spearheads philanthropic efforts, helping to raise $90,000 for minority-based scholarships;
  • Works with organizations addressing childhood hunger, mental well-being, and economic empowerment;
  • Designs programs and mentors disadvantaged high school students through the BK-SWAG CHAMPS program, inspiring them to pursue careers in health care .

“Despite the demanding hours that often blend days together, the most fulfilling aspect is the time dedicated to cultivating relationships with each student-athlete. As athletic trainers, we serve as a support system for our patients, both on and off the field. While it is gratifying to witness former patients return to play, the true reward is when they revisit the athletic training room, not for treatment, but for a casual conversation or a shared laugh, long after they’ve graduated from rehabilitation,” said Victoria. “Being named a finalist for the 2024 Rising Star award is a humbling recognition of my dedication to the profession. This nomination is a testament to the countless hours of hard work, the unwavering commitment to my patients’ well-being, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of my practice. This honor is not just for me but for every patient I’ve had the privilege to support and every colleague who has inspired me along the way.”

Meet Our Distinguished Recognition Committee

Members of this committee are charged with maintaining quality standards for the Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools Rising Star Award.

Brian White - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Brian White
Associate Athletic Director of Health & Performance, Texas A&M University
20 Years in the Profession

"Athletes are motivated to continuously better themselves, finding ways to reach success individually and as a team. Being in that environment as a health care provider is inspiring and challenging. No day is the same, it's always an adventure."

Darrell Turner - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Darrell Turner
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, University of Memphis
22 Years in the Profession

"As a former high school and collegiate athlete, I always respected athletic trainers for their dedication behind the scenes. Their ability to understand the complex movements and physical demands associated with any given sport, along with a profound knowledge of the human body, always intrigued me. The perfect balance between health care and sport won me over, and I've never looked back."

Kara Werner-Sanders - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Kara Werner-Sanders
Head Athletic Trainer, Indiana University South Bend
Athletic Training Coordinator, Beacon Health System
17 Years in the Profession

"My high school athletic trainer often joked that since I was constantly injured and in the athletic training room, I needed to help out. I began doing just that in my off-seasons and fell in love with the profession. I'm passionate about helping people meet their goals, whether they are patients or fellow athletic trainers, and I'm thankful I found a career that seamlessly blends health care with athletics."

John J. Kasik - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

John J. Kasik
MS, ATC, Cped
Senior Associate Athletic Director, University of South Carolina
42 Years in the Profession

"My father was a family practice physician, and while his work inspired me to become a medical professional, working as a student athletic trainer in high school sealed the deal. I've been a certified athletic trainer for over 42 years, and this career has given me opportunities in various places, from collegiate athletics to Hollywood and everywhere in between."

Tom Lechtenberg - Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools

Tom Lechtenberg
Director of Sports Medicine, University of Texas Permian Basin
23 Years in the Profession

"Athletic training is a unique career. Every day, injury, and person is different, making problem-solving skills vital to success. Working with the students, helping them grow and perform at the highest level, whether as athletes or future ATs, is very rewarding."