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JOBST Compression Socks

JOBST Compression Socks

JOBST Compression Socks - Henry Schein Medical

Improve and Maintain Your Athletes’ Leg Health with JOBST® Compression Socks

No matter what sport your athletes play, they’re likely on their feet or pumping their legs. Heavy leg use can lead to tiredness, swelling, or worse: venous disorders including chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

To manage and prevent the progression of vein-related disorders, JOBST compression socks offer precision leg therapy with gradient compression, which applies a measured amount of compression: most pressure is applied at the ankle and then gradually lessens up the leg. This helps the blood in the veins flow back toward the heart.

By increasing tissue pressure to help balance the flow of fluid across the capillaries of the leg, JOBST compression socks are designed to reduce swelling and help prevent the pooling of fluid in the venous or lymph systems and in the interstitial spaces. This results in clinically proven improvement to venous lymph and lymph fluid return, which is beneficial for people with edema or venous disease.

JOBST Ready-to-Wear Compression Therapy products for leg health are available in a range of colors, styles, fabrics, sizes, and colors, as well as levels of compression.

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