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Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rehabilitation and Recovery - Henry Schein Medical Athletics and Schools

Rehabilitation and Recovery for Athletics and Schools

You want your players back in the game. That means having the right tools so they can heal from injury or surgery—and recover to top condition and strength—as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether your athletes are recovering from an isolated injury, or entering rehabilitation, or managing a condition with serious aftereffects, Henry Schein offers the supplies, tools, and equipment that promote optimum rehabilitation and recovery.

Performance Nutrition for Sustained Energy by Clif Bar

Nutrition is a vital ingredient to a successful athletic performance. Keep your athletes fueled with Clif's portfolio of foods that combine carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins to deliver the plant-powered energy athletes need to achieve their goals.

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All-Star Teams Heal Faster with Athletic Training Equipment by Dynatronics

Speed, strength, and diligence—these words don’t just define the athletes you care for, but also the foundation of a successful athletic training program. Today’s elite athletes are pursuing the best quality care for their injuries to quickly get back on the field and return to doing what they do best: winning. Dynatron Solaris® Plus empowers athletic trainers to provide their athletes with the most effective care they need to continue their season.

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The Squid Compression System Brings Portable—and Powerful—Pain Relief and Recovery Options for Your Athletes

The benefits of cooling as a treatment can be traced back as far as Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC), and even today an ice pack is the go-to option when there’s an injury on the field.

But because the vascular system located under the skin layer carries cold away from a treated site, regular cold gel packs and ice water circulators deliver only superficial cold treatment and less penetration into the muscles, ligaments, and bones where the treatment is mostly needed.

The Squid compression system from Portable Therapeutix is the only system of its kind that combines intermittent sequential compression with cold therapy—reducing venous blood flow and allowing the cold to penetrate through the skin deep into the muscles, ligaments, and bones.

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Relieve Your Athletes' Pain with Smarter Pain-Blocking Technology from the BioWavePRO Neurostimulator

The BioWavePRO neurostimulator uses a unique signal-mixing technology to deliver electrical signals through the skin directly to nerves for inhibiting pain transmission and improving function.

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Improve and Maintain Your Athletes’ Leg Health with JOBST® Compression Socks

No matter what sport your athletes play, they’re likely on their feet or pumping their legs. Heavy leg use can lead to tiredness, swelling, or worse: venous disorders including chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

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Assess and Monitor Core Body Temperature in Your Athletes with the DataTherm® II

The DataTherm II Temperature Monitor is very affordable and an extremely effective tool for the assessment and treatment of athletes presenting symptoms of exertional heat illness (EHI).

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Relieve Your Athletes' Pain and Improve Their Treatment with Stopain® Clinical

Not every kind of pain should keep your athletes on the sidelines. When you need fast, long-lasting pain relief from sprains, strains, bruises, back pain, arthritis, muscle aches and joint pain, consider Stopain Clinical products from Troy Healthcare, LLC.

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Offer Athletes Multiple Recovery Options with the Med4 Elite™ Multi-Modality Therapy Unit

When it comes to sports and athletics, some standards are, well, standardized. A football is the same size in Division I as in Division III. A 1500-meter race is always 1500 meters long.

But when it comes to recovery, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the Med4 Elite™ recovery system from Game Ready® offers four clinically proven treatment options in a single, flexible and easy-to-use device.

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Reduce Pain and Inflammation with Laser Therapy from LiteCure

You've probably heard of laser therapy, but have you truly "seen the light"?

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Help Your Athletes Recover with the NormaTec PULSE Recovery System

Your athletes are focused on warming up before an athletic performance—but what happens after the game or practice ends?

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