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Relieve Your Athletes' Pain with Smarter Pain-Blocking Technology from the BioWavePRO Neurostimulator

The BioWavePRO neurostimulator uses a unique signal-mixing technology to deliver electrical signals through the skin directly to nerves for inhibiting pain transmission and improving function.

Clinical studies have shown that BioWavePRO with noninvasive electrodes can be used to reduce pain and improve function including increased range of motion, decreased stiffness, and reduction of muscle spasm for up to 24 hours following a single 30-minute treatment.

An Improvement over TENS

BioWavePRO's non-opioid, FDA-cleared, VA-prescribed, professional athlete-trusted, patented approach to chronic and acute pain relief that goes beyond old-fashioned transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) technology.

TENS Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Transmits stimulation across the surface of skin which may act as a distraction to pain (gate control theory)

BioWave Subcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Transmits stimulation beneath the surface of skin directly to nociceptive fibers blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain (frequency conduction block theory)

TENS devices deliver pulsed low-frequency signals across the surface of skin typically between two surface electrodes placed on either side of the painful area.

The result is a surface effect based on the gate control theory and the patient feels a noxious twitching, electrical sensation between the electrodes. Although the sensation produced by TENS may act as a distraction from the pain while the device is on, there is little residual benefit or functional improvement once the therapy session is over.

The Biowave Difference

Using proprietary signal-mixing technology BioWave "blue boxes" deliver two continuously summed, high-frequency alternating current signals through skin into deep tissue where the body creates a new set of signals, one of which is in the form of a low-frequency electrical field that is optimized for blocking pain and providing functional improvement.

This improvement includes a greater range of motion and a reduction in stiffness and muscle spasm for up to 72 hours with percutaneous electrodes and for up to 24 hours with noninvasive electrodes following a 30-minute treatment. In addition to providing long-lasting efficacy, these signals are significantly more comfortable leading to improved patient treatment compliance.

BioWavePRO can be used to treat pain in numerous locations including the lumbar and thoracic area of the back, cervical area of the neck, hip, groin, knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist and hand. Physicians and physical therapists report excellent results treating pain of osteoarthritis and postoperative pain.

Athletic trainers report excellent results from treating pain from ligamentous issues like joint sprains as well as from acute and chronic tendinopathies. Professional athletes who use BioWavePRO have reported better pain relief and functional improvement compared to all other electrical stimulation modalities and choose to be treated with BioWavePRO when they return to the training room.

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