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An Improved Patient Experience

An Improved Patient Experience

Improved Patient Experience for Point-of-Care Testing - Henry Schein Medical

Go Beyond Patient Expectations with
Point-of-Care Testing

As patients take a more consumeristic approach toward their health care choices, physicians are elevating the needs of their patients: convenience and quality care.

In addition to accuracy, POCT offers the speed to render test results right at the site of the patient. While traditional medical testing may require patients to wait 24 hours to several weeks for a complete diagnosis and entail scheduling several visits, medical practices employing POCT can expect results within their appointment window.1

One mission of implementing POCT in a medical practice is the potential of delivering convenience and peace of mind to both the physician and patient by minimizing the number of scheduled appointments, reducing travel, and improving the quality care experience. Rapid turnaround of test results is vital to decision-making across a range of health care settings. By having access to key test results on the spot, clinicians gain greater control in evaluating and responding to a patient's ever-changing condition.1 By diminishing the wait time between testing and diagnosis, physicians are able to offer their patients convenience in one place: the physician's office.

More recent advancements in POCT have expanded care beyond the walls of a medical practice. Point-of-care instruments are often transportable and handheld, making several methods of testing easily completed outside the physician's office.

Henry Schein Medical distributes laboratory products and solutions for all aspects of your medical practice. Our point-of-care solutions team can assist you with initial lab setup and implementation while consulting you on the right products you'll need to keep your business running efficiently and exceed your patients' expectations.

To order or learn more about our available POCT lab products, contact a Henry Schein Medical Representative.


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