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Digital X-Ray Equipment for Podiatry Practices

Digital X-Ray Equipment for Podiatry Practices

Digital X-Ray equipment - Henry Schein Medical

Digital X-Ray Equipment for Podiatry Practices

When imaging is required to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis, look no further than state-of-the-art digital X-ray options offered by Henry Schein Medical. Browse this page for more information or view our catalog.

20/20 Imaging Solutions

20/20 Imaging HF PXS-710 – Henry Schein Medical

HF PXS-710

The PXS-710 is a complete, high-frequency digital X-ray designed for superior imaging performance and convenient patient positioning not only for the podiatry professional, but also for orthopedic foot and ankle radiographic applications. This model, built in the U.S., incorporates a high-frequency generator to provide maximum mR/mAs, and has a microprocessor output of 70kV at 10mA. Its 0.5mm focal spot X-ray tube and high-output generator provide exceptional image resolution and faster exposure times. FDA approved. This unit can be used with conventional film screen technology (you can upgrade later to a 2020 CR or DR system), or as a part of a complete podiatry CR/DR system.

Other features:

  • UL and CUL listed
  • Qualifies for ADA tax credit
  • High-frequency output for enhanced image quality
  • Half the radiation dose makes it twice as efficient
  • Versatile sensor positioning to improve patient throughput
  • 3.5" low base for improved step height for patient use
  • Patient support rail system allows access from side or front
  • Tilt head system for AP/DP view

Cesium DR Flat Panel Options:

Momentum Wireless DR Panel

1012V Tethered Flatpanel DR

Retrofit solutions also are available.

For more information, contact your Henry Schein Sales Representative.

Televere Systems

Televere Tiger DRX-C – Henry Schein Medical

PIXXGEN Panel – Henry Schein Medical

Tiger DRX-C

The Tiger DRX-C uses modern cesium technology to provide superior image quality. The Tiger DRX-C allows podiatrists the logical and modern solution when converting to digital X-ray or upgrading from older technology. Complete turn-key solutions are available, as are upgrades to the DRX-C solution including: wireless panel, TigerView CLOUD, TigerView Mobile, TigerView Portal, and TigerView backup. Retrofit solutions also are available.


The ultra-thin and lightweight wireless detector allows digitizing without modification of existing conventional imaging systems. Cable-free functionality gives the user a true wireless detector at a fraction of the cost.

For more information contact your Henry Schein Sales Representative.


Equipment Diagnostic Imaging

Equipment Diagnostic Imaging

FB-715 NT

  • 28-inch SID
  • Saves floor space
  • 3.5-inch base height
  • Fits between wall and chair
  • Minimum space required: 34" x 51"
  • Both laterals possible
  • Folds to 18 inches wide
  • 15 mA
  • 50-70 kVp

MB-700 AC

  • 28-inch SID
  • Radial arm
  • Mid-base poser (MB)
  • Base height 6"
  • Perfect height for patient and operator use
Product Details and Ordering

For more information about pricing and ordering our digital x-ray products, contact us at:

Phone: 1-800-323-5110, 8am–7pm ET.