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Medical Rolling Stools and Exam Tables

Medical Rolling Stools and Exam Tables

Medical Rolling Stools and Exam Tables

Outfitting an exam or procedure room requires careful planning. When considering medical rolling stools and exam tables from Henry Schein Medical, you may be surprised by the extensive selection available.

Our collection includes top brand medical exam tables, procedure tables, treatment tables, rolling stools, recliner, and cabinetry specifically curated with your examination room in mind.

  • Examination Tables — Manual design with efficiency to the physician, staff, and patient in mind.
  • Treatment Tables — Simple portable platforms allow for a variety of modalities including rehabilitation facilities, schools and athletic departments. Additional power options allow for easy height adjustment.
  • Power Procedure Chairs and Tables — Powered seat, back, foot, and tilt offer multi-positioning capabilities, improving comfort and reducing likelihood of injury. Table height allows easier transfer for patients with disabilities, expectant mothers, and the elderly.

Rolling Medical Stools with Wheels

Being able to properly examine a patient while sitting down is necessary to medical professionals. You need to be able to move quickly and easily all while being comfortable. It's important that your rolling stool maximizes movement when working with patients, that's why we suggest an office stool with a 360-degree swivel and height adjustability.

Lack of back support can lead to pain and discomfort. At Henry Schein Medical we provide a selection of stools with backrests for lumbar support, ideal for continuous examinations.

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Questions to Consider when Purchasing Examination Tables

  • How high is an examination table?
    • Height can vary but a standard height is around 33–37"
    • Adjustable examination tables are favorable over a fixed table and reduce the difficulty a patient with mobility limitations may encounter
  • How wide is an examination table?
    • The average width is around 21–23"
  • How long is an examination table?
    • Length can range from 46–50", with varying foot lengths of 16" or 18" when flat
  • How much do medical examination tables weigh?
    • Weight of product may range from 275–300 lbs.
  • How much weight can an examination table hold?
    • Patient weight capacity: 450–500 lbs.—bariatric options can be purchased

What to Consider When Purchasing Rolling Stools

When purchasing rolling stools, there are a few factors that doctors and medical professionals should consider:

  • The height of the stool: The stool should be the right height for the doctor to be able to comfortably reach the patient's chest and abdomen.
  • The width of the stool: The stool should be wide enough for the doctor to be able to sit comfortably and have enough space to move around.
  • The stability of the stool: The stool should be stable enough to prevent the doctor from tipping over.
  • The weight of the stool: The stool should be lightweight enough for the doctor to be able to move it easily.
  • The durability of the stool: The stool should be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  • The comfort of the stool: The stool should be comfortable enough to sit on for extended periods of time.
  • The features of the stool: Some stools have features such as adjustable height, backrests, and wheels with brakes.

Capital Equipment Specialists and White Glove Service

Interested in exploring additional capital medical equipment options or need assistance locating a specific brand or functionality? Contact one of our Capital Equipment Specialists today. Their extensive backgrounds in medical manufacturing, sales, service, and procurement make them an ideal resource.

Our White Glove Services often include pre-delivery planning, equipment staging, shipping & receiving coordination, expert delivery/set up, and staff training.