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Surgical Lighting & Medical Exam Lights

Surgical Lighting & Medical Exam Lights

A Healthy View Begins with Better Surgical Lighting

Quality procedure and surgical lighting is an essential element to any medical space. Whether the room calls for a very focused light, spot intensity, or precise positioning, you’ll find what you need at Henry Schein Medical. Many of our brand-name selections feature superior shadow control, low energy consumption, and heat-reducing LED bulbs.

The best light configuration for your practice will be largely dependent on the type of illumination your procedure or examination requires. Choose from ceiling mounted, wall mounted (typical for exam room needs), or wheeled floor models for increased mobility.

If you're in the early stages of the purchasing journey, check out our buying guide!

Surgical Lights Buying Guide

Featured Surgical and Exam Lights

Ceiling Mount Medical Lighting - Henry Schein
Ceiling Mount


  • Unique Y-Shape Design to Minimize Light Obstruction
  • 92 CRI Rating for Accurate Color Visibility
  • Removable Sterilization Handle to Adjust Light Pattern

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Wall Mount Medical Lighting - Henry Schein
Wall Mount

Bovie® MI-750

  • Multi-Stage Dimming and Illumination
  • Front Diffuser Lens System
  • Uniform White Light Technology

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Floor Stand Medical Lighting - Henry Schein
Floor Stand

Ritter 255

  • Light Intensity—7,500 foot-candles
  • Counterbalanced for Precise Positioning
  • 4,400K Color Temperature

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Consider the Following when Shopping for Surgical Lights

  • Color Rendering Index — Color Rendering Index (CRI) refers to how a surgical light displays the natural colors of an object. CRI is measured from 0–100. A high CRI (from 80–100) is crucial for displaying accurate colors of organs and tissue.
  • Light Intensity Output — Light Intensity Output (LIO), also known as illumination, is measured in lux and refers to intensity of the light. The light intensity output should be above 40,000 lux.
  • Replacement Cycle — Replacement Cycle refers to the lifespan of the surgical light. This is a crucial element to consider during the buying process.
  • Color Temperature — Color Temperature is the color that the surgical light emits. Light will often produce either a red, yellow, blue, or white color temperature, which is measured in kelvin(K). Surgical lights must be between 3,000K–6,700K.

Capital Medical Equipment Specialists and White Glove Service

Our team of Capital Equipment Specialists are here to assist you in choosing the right procedure and surgical lighting equipment. Our consultants have strong backgrounds in medical manufacturing, sales, service, and procurement. Contact our Equipment Specialists for guidance and advice.

Once you have all the lighting equipment ordered you can rely on our White Glove Service to assist in the delivery stage. Our specialists will be involved in the pre-delivery planning, equipment staging, shipping/receiving coordination, expert delivery setup, staff training, and implementation. Learn more about our White Glove delivery solutions.

To explore our full catalog of exam lighting and surgical lighting, contact a Capital Equipment Specialist today.