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About Industry Insights

About Industry Insights

Health Care Industry Insights - Henry Schein Medical

Industry Insights–Helping You Turn Insight into Action

The health care industry in America is facing pressure from all sides to become more effective and efficient in delivering quality care. With legislators tackling rising drug prices, providers grappling with value-based care, patients owning more financial responsibility, or technology being introduced at an astonishing pace, the evolution of health care is unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Read on to keep up with regulatory changes, new technology, and consumer preferences.

Health care consumerism – Henry Schein Medical
Health Care Consumerism

Health care consumerism is not only an industry buzzword—it is a driving force that is reshaping the delivery of care. Discover areas of transformation that will help your practice and services get noticed by your patient community.

Improving health care efficiency – Henry Schein Medical
Your Bottom Line: Improving Efficiency & Minimizing Risk

Margin pressures, practice acquisitions, and unstable patient volumes are just three significant threats faced by health care practices today. Learn about activities that can improve efficiency and minimize risk within your practice, and ultimately help your bottom line.