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Henry Schein Cares Hygiene Pack Program
Waste Management

Waste Management

Medical Waste Disposal Solutions for Your Practice

Keeping your practice hygienic requires more than just sanitizing surfaces and utilizing proper personal protective equipment, it includes properly disposing of medical waste. Used health care products can carry potentially infectious material, adding health hazards to your facility. Implementing a trusted medical waste disposal solution can help eliminate a surplus of germs and ensure you're following safety regulations.

At Henry Schein Medical, we understand the importance of properly disposing of medical waste and how costly this undertaking can be. Our products and solutions aim to ensure you're following medical waste disposal regulations while helping to keep your patients and staff safe.

Discover our medical waste disposal products and solutions below:

HealthFirst Environmental - Henry Schein Medical
HealthFirst Environmental

HealthFirst Environmental, partnered with Trilogy MedWaste offers a full range of medical waste and sharps management solutions.

MedPro Disposal - Henry Schein Medical
MedPro Disposal

MedPro Disposal works with your facility to identify the exact services you require, evaluating your waste stream and desired pickup frequency based on site storage capacities.

Waste Management Products - Henry Schein Medical
Waste Management Products

Keep your facilities waste-free with our durable bags and sharps containers. They are designed for convenient disposal.