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Choosing a Disinfectant

Choosing a Disinfectant

  • Environmental disinfectants (low-level) should be EPA approved for healthcare use. This will ensure the death of germs you are trying to kill.
  • Disinfectants may be in the form of pop-up towelettes/wipes, traditional germicide (concentrate that is diluted, or premixed and often includes a disinfectant) or a 1:10 household bleach solution that is mixed daily.
  • Currently the only EPA-approved C. difficile sporicidal is a 1:10 concentration of chlorine bleach which is available in stabilized detergent/bleach products. Alternatively, you may use household bleach concentration (1:10 dolution) which must be mixed daily and has a "wet" contact time of five minutes.
  • For all products, ALWAYS follow label instructions