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Autoclave Repair

Autoclave Repair

Autoclave/Sterilizer Repair Services - Henry Schein

Autoclave Repair

Henry Schein ProRepair provides cost-effective service options to ensure your sterilizer performs to manufacturer specifications and to extend its life.

To schedule autoclave repair, please fill out the form and a Medical Equipment Specialist will be in touch.

We service most sterilizer makes and models

Fill out an online service request form and we’ll do the rest.

  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Spore tested
  • Trade-in programs available
  • Rentals available ($100 per week. Max 3 weeks)*

Service Options

Complete Restoration

  • SHIPPING INCLUDED on approved repairs
  • Serviced to original manufacturer specifications
  • All worn parts replaced
  • Exterior and interior thoroughly cleaned
  • If necessary, external casing is repainted and chamber trays cleaned
  • 6-month to 1-year warranty—depends on make/model/age (covers entire unit)
  • Manufacturer operating manual is supplied
  • Eligible for extended warranty—offered after original warranty has expired

Standard Repair

  • Serviced to original manufacturer specifications
  • 90-day warranty on parts replaced and labor
  • All inclusive shipping charge $99

Service Highlights

  • Most makes and models
  • 2- to 3-week turnaround
  • Service quality verification/validation (Data Acquisition)
  • Spore tested
  • Rentals available ($100 per week. Max 3 weeks)*
  • Trade-in programs available

What to expect:

Obtain Service

Complete the Sterilizer Online Repair Order Form at or contact 1-800-367-3674 8am–7pm EST.

You can also e-mail or visit

Mechanical Monitoring - Sterilization

Mechanical indicators include physical defects (to gauges, displays, printouts, etc.) resulting in malfunctions such as leakage, wet wrappers, or corrosion.

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Chemical Monitoring - Sterilization

Chemical indicators verify the sterilizing agent has penetrated the package and reached the instruments inside.

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Biological Monitoring - Sterilization

Biological indicators are the only process indicators that directly monitor the lethality of a given sterilization process, according to the CDC.

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Sterilization Equipment
Sterilization Equipment

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Henry Schein Sterilization Equipment Repair Services
Sterilization Equipment Repair

Repair your current sterilizer, with Henry Schein's affordable ProRepair services.

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Medical Equipment

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*Free shipping if requested at time of initial sterilizer service call, otherwise a $199 shipping charge will be incurred. Rentals only provided as part of sterilizer service – limited quantities available.