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Health Center Design and Planning

Health Center Design and Planning

Health Center Design and Planning

Community Health Center Design, Planning, and Education

We understand that Health Centers are a key part of how the Affordable Care Act is working to improve access to care for millions of Americans. Customized Health Center projects have many complex elements. Our highly skilled specialists will provide you with continuous support during each phase of your facility’s new or upgraded equipment set-up needs. Through a wide range of products, services, and technology options, your project will be personalized to the standards necessary for your area of care. At the outset of your project, we’ll discuss how various types and brands of equipment work best for the specific dynamics of your facility.

Over the past 30 years, Henry Schein has provided the products, services, and support to help Community Health Centers expand their facilities, to ensure that you can continue to help deliver increased efficiencies, increased comfort for your staff and patients, and improved patient care to your community. Our team of experienced CHC specialists will work through the whole process with you, to ensure that all your expectations and timelines are met successfully.

When purchasing equipment, considerations should include:

  • Ability to accelerate productivity
  • Adaptability of furnishings to patients and staff
  • Aesthetics and compatibility with overall design elements
  • Ergonomic soundness
  • Environmental impact
  • Warranties to protect your equipment investments

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Complimentary Workshop Creating Team Harmony in the Workplace:

Effective communication leads to a harmonious and productive office. Poor communication leads to division, confusion, patient dissatisfaction, and staff turn-over. This interactive workshop focuses on understanding the 4 basic communication/behavioral styles and how to optimize interactions between them. It addresses both staff-to-staff and staff to patient communication.

Complimentary OSHA and Infection Control Training for the Medical Office:

The safety of your team and compliance with federal guidelines is paramount to the success of your practice. This program is designed to address Part 1 of OSHA’s requirement for a medical practice. OSHA Part 1 dictates that every employee or active participant in a medical practice receive annual training on the current guidelines, requirements, and recommendations for workplace safety. This workshop will discuss all of the major hazards faced by you and your employees in the office along with practical procedures which should be instituted to minimize their risk.

Complimentary HIPAA Training for the Medical Office:

Patient privacy and insurance portability are key issues facing medical practices across America today. This program is designed to provide the basic information employees need to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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The Business Development Executives listed on the map can create turnkey supply chain programs for CHC's.

They are also subject matter experts on all of our solutions and value-added programs.

Territory Map

Brad Clark

Brad Clark

Executive Director Business Development
United States

Phone: 980-333-5909


Eric Spurgeon

Eric Spurgeon

Director Business Development
Western United States

Phone: 817-219-1002


Tami Cates

Tami Cates

Director Business Development
Eastern United States

Phone: 904-540-9567


  • Western Region

  • Eastern Region

For any questions regarding Henry Schein Community Health Centers, request info or contact us using the map above and we will gladly be able to assist you and your practice.