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Sterilization Solution

Sterilization Solution

GE trophon® EPR Sterilization Solution - Henry Schein Medical

GE's trophon® EPR High Level Disinfection Solution

Henry Schein offers GE's trophon® EPR an automated, high level disinfection of transducers. trophon® EPR is an environmentally friendly, efficient system for the complete high level disinfection of ultrasound transducers. Using innovative technology, the system helps make the task of high level disinfection of ultrasound transducers fast and more convenient in just a few simple steps.

Did You Know?

  • 12.9% of probes are contaminated with pathogenic bacteria following routine disinfection.1
  • More than 80% of probe handles that were not disinfected had residual pathogens including MRSA.2
  • Up to 7% of ultrasound probes were found to be contaminated with HPV after disinfection with low-level wipes.3
  • Up to 9% of barrier sheaths and condoms leak.4

Features and Benefits of GE's trophon® EPR High Level Disinfection Solution:

Fast, automated 7-minute cycle

Easy-to-use high level disinfection with one-touch operation.


The optional traceability solution links the probe and HLD cycle data and time with the patient and procedure. This can help you meet compliance requirements with audits and accreditation.

Lists exposure to harmful chemicals

With the self-contained and automated high level disinfection process, the disinfectant cartridge remains sealed until inside the system.

Probe-friendly process

Over 1000 probes are OEM-approved for use with trophon EPR, and the process requires no soaking.


trophon® EPR integrates into the high level disinfection process at the point of care and helps improve workflow.

Environmentally friendly

The fully enclosed system limits exposure to harmful chemicals and breaks down the hydrogen peroxide disinfectant into harmless, environmentally friendly by-product.

Consistency in process

Each high level disinfection cycle is validated by sophisticated sensor technology and the Chemical Indicator.

For more information:

Phone:1-800-P-SCHEIN (1-800-772-4346)
Source: GE Healthcare


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