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Surgical Supplies and Tools

Surgical Supplies and Tools

Surgical Supplies | Surgical Instruments

Surgical Supplies and Tools Designed to Help You Deliver Quality Patient Care

As the health care industry continues to evolve, Henry Schein Medical remains steadfast in providing quality surgical supplies, tools, and innovative solutions to help you operate your practice effectively in a competitive field. Our selection of surgical supplies and instruments will help you deliver high-quality patient care while boosting your bottom line.

Our one-stop shopping experience offers a supply purchasing program customized to physician practices. You'll enjoy access to our entire medical supplies catalog—with no membership fees or papers to sign!

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Henry Schein Brand Surgical Instruments and Supplies

In an evolving health care landscape, our selection of private-brand medical and surgical supplies can help propel the health of your business. Our comprehensive line of Henry Schein Brand Products delivers the standard of care your patients expect while saving you money.

Why choose Henry Schein Brand?

For nearly a century, health care providers have relied on Henry Schein’s expert advice, strategic resources, and diverse portfolio of supplies. Get the most out of the medical tools and supplies you rely on with our trusted selection of high-quality, cost-effective Henry Schein Brand products.

As one of the largest medical and surgical product suppliers, we are here to support your health practice’s operational and financial success.

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Discover Precision Surgical Solutions with Integra® Miltex®

At Henry Schein Medical, we understand the importance of providing high-quality surgical supplies to medical professionals and doctors. That's why we're proud to offer products from renowned manufacturers like Integra® Miltex®. With a legacy of excellence in surgical instrumentation and equipment, Integra® Miltex® is synonymous with precision, reliability, and innovation.

From scalpels and forceps to scissors and retractors, our selection of Integra® Miltex® products ensures that you have access to top-tier instruments for your surgical procedures. Trust in our partnership with Integra® Miltex® to equip your practice with the finest surgical tools, enabling you to deliver exceptional patient care with confidence and precision.

Integra® Miltex® Surgical Supplies

Ambulatory Surgery Center Supplies

Shop our selection of surgical tools and supplies for your ambulatory surgery center with confidence. We have a diverse inventory of medical essentials to provide quality patient care.

Our dedicated team of surgery center specialists is here to provide guidance and support during your purchasing journey.

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Top Surgical Supplies & Instruments

From bandages to surgical tools, our rigorous vendor approval process ensures you receive high-quality FDA-approved medical supplies and surgical supplies. Our selection of more than 120,000 brand-name products, Henry-Schein Brand products, and an additional 180,000 special-order items guarantees a cost-effective selection of supplies to fit your needs.

For your ordering convenience, choose from these top items within popular categories:

Bandages & Tapes

Equip your practice with high-quality bandages and tapes, essential for wound care and patient comfort. Explore our extensive selection and ensure your patients receive the best care possible.

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Bandages & Tapes - Henry Schein Medical

Custom Procedure Trays, Packs & Kits

Streamline your surgical procedures with our customizable trays, packs, and kits. Tailored to your specific needs, these solutions optimize efficiency and ensure readiness for every procedure.

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Custom Procedure Trays, Packs & Kits - Henry Schein Medical

Diagnostic Procedure Trays

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities with our specialized procedure trays. Designed for accuracy and convenience, these trays empower you to deliver precise diagnoses with confidence.

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Diagnostic Procedure Trays - Henry Schein Medical


Protect yourself and your patients with our premium gloves. From exam rooms to surgical suites, trust in our gloves for superior comfort, dexterity, and infection control.

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Gloves - Henry Schein Medical

Hypodermic Supplies

Administer medications and perform procedures with precision using our high-quality hypodermic supplies. Explore our range of needles, syringes, and accessories for reliable performance every time.

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Hypodermic Supplies - Henry Schein Medical

IV & Irrigation Products

Ensure seamless IV therapy and irrigation procedures with our high-quality products. From IV catheters to irrigation solutions, trust in our supplies for safe and effective patient care.

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IV & Irrigation Products - Henry Schein Medical

Minor Procedure Trays

Efficiently perform minor procedures with our specialized trays. Designed for convenience and safety, our trays contain everything you need for successful procedures.

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Minor Procedure Trays - Henry Schein Medical

OR Basics

Stock your operating room with the essentials for safe and effective surgeries. From drapes to surgical scrubs, trust in our OR basics for a well-equipped surgical environment.

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OR Basics - Henry Schein Medical

OR Procedure Kits, Packs & Trays

Optimize your OR workflow with our comprehensive procedure kits, packs, and trays. With everything conveniently packaged, you can focus on delivering exceptional surgical care.

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OR Procedure Kits, Packs & Trays - Henry Schein Medical

Wound Care

Promote healing and prevent infection with our advanced wound care products. From dressings to wound cleansers, our solutions are designed to optimize wound healing outcomes.

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Wound Care - Henry Schein Medical

Wound Closure

Secure wound closure with confidence using our reliable products. From sutures to staples, trust in our wound closure solutions for excellent cosmetic and functional results.

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Wound Closure - Henry Schein Medical

Commonly Used Surgical Instruments

In surgical practice, the use of specialized instruments is essential for achieving precision, efficiency, and optimal patient outcomes. From making incisions to suturing wounds, each instrument serves a specific purpose in the hands of skilled medical professionals. In this section, we highlight some of the most commonly used surgical instruments and their functions.

Doctors and medical professionals seeking guidance on selecting the right instruments for their practice can fill out the form on this page to get in touch with a specialist.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in navigating the vast array of surgical instruments available, providing expert advice tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Begin your purchasing journey today by reaching out to us for personalized assistance in acquiring the instruments necessary for delivering exceptional surgical care.

  1. Scalpel: A sharp knife used for making incisions during surgical procedures. Available in various sizes and shapes, scalpels provide precise cutting and minimal tissue trauma.
  2. Forceps: Tweezer-like instruments used for grasping and holding tissues, sutures, or other objects during surgery. Forceps come in different shapes and sizes, each serving specific purposes such as tissue manipulation or hemostasis.
  3. Scissors: Surgical scissors are designed for cutting tissues, sutures, or bandages during procedures. They come in various blade shapes and sizes, including straight, curved, and angled, to accommodate different surgical needs.
  4. Hemostats: Hemostatic forceps, commonly known as hemostats, are used to clamp blood vessels or tissue to control bleeding during surgery. They come in various sizes and designs, including straight and curved jaws, with locking mechanisms to maintain clamping pressure.
  5. Retractors: Retractors are used to hold back tissues or organs to provide better visibility and access to the surgical site. They come in various shapes and sizes, including handheld and self-retaining types, to accommodate different surgical needs and anatomical structures.
  6. Needle Holder: Also known as needle drivers, needle holders are used to grasp and manipulate surgical needles during suturing. They feature a spring-loaded mechanism and serrated jaws to securely hold the needle while suturing tissues.
  7. Surgical Suction: Surgical suction instruments are used to remove blood, fluids, and debris from the surgical site to maintain visibility and prevent contamination. They come in various designs, including handheld suction devices and suction catheters, to accommodate different surgical needs.
  8. Speculum: A speculum is a medical device used to hold open or widen a body orifice during examination or surgical procedures. It is commonly used in gynecological, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), and ophthalmic examinations.
  9. Dressing Forceps: Dressing forceps, also known as tissue forceps, are non-locking instruments used to handle dressings, cotton swabs, or other soft tissues during wound care or dressing changes. They come in various lengths and tip designs for precise manipulation.
  10. Trocar and Cannula: Trocars are sharp-pointed instruments used to puncture the body wall for the insertion of cannulas or other instruments during laparoscopic or minimally invasive procedures. Cannulas are hollow tubes inserted through the trocar to provide access to the surgical site for instruments or visualization devices.