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Staffing Modifications

Staffing Modifications

Athletics and Schools COVID-19 Training Room Modifications - Henry Schein Medical

Weathering Staffing Modifications During the Pandemic

The pandemic has forced many changes to the way we conduct business and offer services, and athletic training is no exception. There are several reasons you might be working with a reduced training staff, including:

  • Furloughs and layoffs
  • Contracted or cancelled seasons
  • Fewer students attending school in person

It's possible you've already been "doing more with less" before the outbreak, so despite having a caseload smaller than before, you might find it even more difficult to deliver the level of care and support your athletes need.

We've interviewed some of your peers to learn how they're handling changes to staff during the pandemic. Watch the video below.

Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools, as part of our Return to Safe Play initiative, offers products and supplies to help you overcome the challenges related to modifications to your staff.

Clorox® Total 360® System

With less staffing options and more cleaning requirements, equip your facility with hard surface disinfectant solutions designed to kill odors, bacteria, and viruses. The Clorox Total 360 system is designed for area where your players gather, including:

  • Gyms
  • Training rooms
  • Locker rooms
  • Weight rooms
  • Exercise rooms
  • Rest rooms

Learn More

Reach out to your dedicated sales Representative or shop Clorox T360 supplies here.

For more on surface disinfectants, click here.

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