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Telemedicine for Athletic Trainers - Henry Schein Medical

Telemedicine Options to Safely Maintain the Continuum of Care

In the world of sports, telemedicine is a game-changer by remotely connecting you with student athletes, team physicians and physical therapists, and parents—wherever they happen to be.

Telemedicine solutions had already been implemented at many schools before the pandemic, and leveraging this technology is even more vital now, to reduce the risk of infection when an athlete reports a symptom related to COVID-19, or to continue contact with an athlete in quarantine.

When you're unsure whether an injury on the field or the training room requires an ambulance or a trip to an urgent care facility or hospital, you can remotely connect to a medical professional who may be able to assess the athlete's condition—remotely, and immediately—and help determine next steps for care and treatment. This not only accelerates the development of a treatment plan, but may also avoid unnecessary exposure to illness.

Medpod's video-only option is a browser-based platform for virtual consultations anywhere you happen to be. Implementation is easy because there's no hardware or software installation required, and it's portable enough to transport to games and carry onto the field or to the site of an injury.

View the video below to learn how some of your peers are leveraging telemedicine to manage their athletes.

Henry Schein Medical Athletics & Schools, as part of our Return to Safe Play initiative, offers solutions for higher quality care between you and your remote athletes, regardless of their physical location—scalable for your specific needs.

Telehealth with Medpod - Henry Schein Medical

Medpod Video Only

A browser-based platform for easy, virtual consultations, anywhere.

  • No hardware or software installation necessary
  • Private label software available
  • A cost-effective solution with a pay-per-visit or prepaid fee model
  • Provide unrestricted health care delivery—anywhere

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