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Sports Medicine Innovations

Sports Medicine Innovations

Sports Injury and Illness Prevention

Innovations to Improve Athletic Performance and Recovery

Just as athletes push themselves to break records—an Olympic record, a world record, even a personal best—innovation and evolution drive the technology and know-how behind the cutting-edge equipment and supplies keeping your players primed and ready for that next performance.

These products may promote faster healing, offer a less invasive treatment, reduce recovery times, deliver important training metrics, enhance post-surgery rehabilitation, and provide more accurate imaging.

Here are some of the latest sports medicine products and tools available from Henry Schein that are on the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize in One Step with Clorox® Disinfecting Bio Stain & Odor Remover

While athletic trainers are known for treating and preventing injury, ensuring a clean, sanitized facility is also a top priority. Human soil accidents involving blood, feces, and vomit can happen every day in any area. These soils can leave behind harsh stains, unpleasant orders, and germs. If not properly cleaned, these germs can spread illness around the athletic training facility.

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Convenient, Versatile Resistance Exercise with CanDo® Bands

It’s time to elevate your athletes’ performance with high-quality resistance bands by CanDo. Resistance-band training can strengthen, tone, and condition all major muscle groups and can be performed anytime, anywhere.

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Keep Athletes Scoring with Healthy Hygiene Routines

It's easier than ever to keep dangerous germs at bay with Clorox Healthcare® VersaSure® Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes. The patented alcohol-free quat formula (which offers many advantages over bleach) kills 44 pathogens and exhibits low odor and low residue to provide an effective clean.

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Activate Your Athletes' Recovery with Dynatron® ion's Iontophoresis Device

Iontophoresis is a popular treatment administered by athletic trainers and physical therapists to help injured or recovering athletes by using electricity to drive medication through an athlete's skin and into the injured muscle.

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Exceptional Diagnostic Imaging When You Need It Most: Mobile DI by Orthoscan™

With more than 10 million sports injuries occurring each year, Mobile DI by Orthoscan™ was designed to meet the unique needs of student athletes. With portability at its core, the Mobile DI is the first and only mini C-arm created specifically for clinical and off-site imaging needs.

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Stop Life-threatening Bleeding with North American Rescue’s Bleeding Control Kit

According to HCA Healthcare, “20 percent of people who’ve died from traumatic injuries could have survived with quick bleeding control.” Automobile accidents, natural disasters, self-inflicted injuries, or shootings are everyday emergencies that can arise anytime or anywhere. With only three to five minutes to take bleeding-control actions, it is imperative that athletic trainers and medical professionals are armed with an easy-to-use life-saving kit.

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Help Your Athletes Fuel like a Pro with Gatorade

An athlete is no stranger to sweat. From daily practices to weekend games and matches, they can lose weight from sweating during a single session. Gatorade’s scientific formula of key electrolytes helps replace what players have lost. With more than 50 years of game-testing research, Gatorade is proven to keep teams hydrated on and off the field.

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APS Needles Deliver Better Outcomes and Greater Satisfaction for Pain Relief through Dry Needling

Dry needling is a pain relief method similar to acupuncture that uses needles to decrease pain, reduce muscle tightness, and improve range of motion. According to the Cleveland Clinic, some applications for your athletes could include: joint problems, disk problems, tendinitis, whiplash, repetitive motion disorders, spinal problems, pelvic pain, and phantom pain.

If you’re using dry needling as a pain relief technique for your athletes, you can expect high quality and consistent results with APS Dry Needling Needles, the first needles designed specifically for dry needling.

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Reduce Back Pain and Shoulder Pain with the Pain Eliminating 17-Piece Deluxe™ Cup Set

The Pain Eliminating 17-Piece Deluxe™ Cup Set is a high-quality cupping set from Korea. It contains a variety of sizes that are ideal for use on the back (larger sizes) as well as for areas such as neck and shoulders (smaller sizes). The cups are heat resistant and may be boiled. The pistol-grip hand pump allows the practitioner to obtain varying levels of suction to help keep patients comfortable. The silicone valves are used to remove air and release the seal when the treatment is complete.

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Keep Your Athletes Consistently Fueled for Max Performance with XRCEL™

The performance an athlete gets out of his or her body is determined by what goes into it.

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