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Holter Monitors

Holter Monitors

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Holter Monitors

We offer Holter solutions that are easy to use, deliver an optimal patient experience, and provide EHR compatibility.

Welch Allyn

H3+™ Digital Holter Recorder Instrument Inc.

The H3+ weighs just 1 oz—so small, patients will hardly notice it's there!

  • Features a full graphic display to preview ECG waveforms during patient hookup
  • Compatible with the Burdick Vision 5 Holter analysis system featuring best-in-class Veritas signal processing and analysis capabilities

Product Details and Ordering

H3+ Digital Holter Recorder Instrument


Burdick 4250 Digital Holter Recorder

The Burdick 4250 Digital Holter Recorder works with the Burdick Vision and Vision Premier Holter systems, providing high quality 5- or 7-lead, 3-channel Holter recordings with a signal preview screen.

  • Real-time ECG display: LCD displays real-time ECG hookup, eliminating the need for test jacks and repeat tests
    • Ease of use: Easy-to-use 5-button keypad to enter patient and test parameters
    • Convenience: Multiple data-transfer options (SD card or USB cable) allow you to quickly capture data and send the recorder out with a new patient
    • Speed: Fast data transfer to Burdick® Vision™ or Burdick Vision Premier software for quick turnaround
    • Versatility: Integrated pacemaker detection lets you use the recorder even on patients with pacemakers

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  • Burdick 4250 Digital Holter Recorder



    IQholter™ Recorder is small and lightweight, only 2.8 oz. Well-lit display and intuitive keypad make clinician navigation and menu control easy. On-screen leads and channel identification for speed and simplicity during patient hookup. Automatic startup self-test with warning alarm ensures reliable recording. 5-lead hookup for 3-channel recording; 7-lead option available. 24-hour standard recording (48- and 72-hour recording capabilities available). Removable Secure Digital (SD) card allows for immediate patient turnaround.

    IQholter™ offers color-coded arrhythmia events to identify different ECG morphologies, and comprehensive reports with auto narrative summary to effectively reveal important test data and statistics. Ability to edit and review test results and full disclosure locally or on the network without printing.

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    Midmark IQholter