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Holter Monitoring Systems

Holter Monitoring Systems

Holter Monitoring Systems

Holter Monitoring Systems

Our Holter solutions are easy to use, deliver an optimal patient experience, and provide EHR compatibility. These ambulatory electrocardiography devices are worn by patients for at least twenty-four hours for cardiac rhythm monitoring to help detect irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias). Browse from our selection of Holter monitoring devices from manufacturers such as Welch Allyn.

Welch Allyn

H3+™ Digital Holter Recorder Instrument Inc.

The H3+ weighs just 1 oz—so small, patients will hardly notice it's there!

  • Features a full graphic display to preview ECG waveforms during patient hookup
  • Compatible with the Burdick Vision 5 Holter analysis system featuring best-in-class Veritas signal processing and analysis capabilities

Product Details and Ordering

H3+ Digital Holter Recorder Instrument

Holter Monitor Basics

  • Holter monitors are usually given to patients if their ECG/EKG test results are inconclusive
  • A Holter monitor may be able to identify irregular heartbeats that the ECG/EKG machine did not
  • Electrodes are placed on the patient's chest and connected to the monitor
  • Holter monitors are worn often by patients for up to two days to record heart activity and can be placed around the patient's neck, shoulder, or waist.

Buying Holter Monitoring Systems From Henry Schein Medical

We understand that sometimes a proper diagnosis may take more than just an office visit. Symptoms may not appear until after your patient has left their appointment. Our selection of Holter monitoring systems can be worn for up to seventy-two hours to monitor patient's heart rate and collect sufficient data for an accurate diagnosis. Our products are designed with easy-to-use technology and patient comfort in mind.

Once you've selected the holter monitor device that best fits your health care facility needs, contact our equipment specialists regarding any questions. Our specialist will be with you throughout the purchasing journey offering expert advice and guidance.