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Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Henry Schein Medical - Stress Testing Equipment

Stress Testing Equipment

Reduce the challenges of cardiac stress testing exams with innovative technology and smart design from brands such as Mortara.

Welch Allyn

Q-Stress System

Through innovative technologies and a smart design, the Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system solves common challenges associated with the successful acquisition and interpretation of cardiac stress testing exams.

  • Examine historical ECG data throughout the exam with real-time full disclosure
  • 24-inch touchscreen interface with protocol-driven, pre-defined selections

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Q-Stress System

TM55 & TM65 Medical Treadmills

These easy-to-use treadmills offer full integration with our Quinton Q-Stress cardiac stress testing system so you can start and stop the treadmill and adjust speed and grade automatically or manually. The Ultradrive system provides exceptionally smooth power and accuracy even at slow speeds with patients up to 500 lb (227 kg), and ensures a slow, safe start.

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TM55 and TM65 Medical Treadmills

GE Healthcare

GE Case Stress System

Proven clinical excellence. Productivity-enhancing applications and features. Expanded networking options. The CASE Exercise Testing System puts the stress on performance. With industry-leading algorithms, the CASE system enables you to quickly and easily assess cardiac function during exercise for greater diagnostic confidence. Connect your CASE system to a Local Area Network (LAN), and you can store patient data and test results to a central database. This enables physicians to review, edit and print data remotely, for maximum efficiency in your stress lab.

  • Is backed by proven algorithms that enable more confident diagnoses.
  • Can meet the performance and productivity requirements of virtually any size facility.
  • Streamlines workflow with seamless connectivity to EMR, PACS, and the MUSE Cardiology Information System to help speed patient care, increase staff productivity and improve business results.

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Case Stress System

GE Healthcare

T-2100 Treadmill

The T-2100 Treadmill from GE Healthcare is designed with a focus on patient safety. With fewer moving parts than other treadmills, the T-2100 treadmill delivers extremely smooth, quiet operation that facilitates accurate blood pressure measurements even at high workloads.

It offers:

  • An extra-long 60-inch surface
  • Full front and side handrails
  • A zero start feature that gradually builds up speed for safe and smooth operation
  • The ability to be brought to a gradual stop, or stopped immediately with the standard emergency stop button.

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