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Helpful Resource Center Decontamination

Helpful Resource Center Decontamination

CDC Guidelines for Disinfection & Sterilization in health care Facilities, 2008

Metrex OPA Plus Solution – White Paper & Comparison Product Presentation

SPS Medical Sterilization Classroom
  • Best Practices for High-Level Disinfection
  • Manual High Level Policy and Procedure Example

Reprocessing of Single-Use Devices—U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Free e-mail Subscription Service.

Outpatient Surgery E-Weekly

Up-to-date pertinent information for Outpatient Surgery Communities.

Crosstex - SPS
SPSmedical has developed a series of educational CD-ROMs on a variety of Infection Control topics that can be used for group or individual training. Each program is presented in a slide presentation and utilizes an abundance of pictures to provide viewers a better understanding of the subject being covered. Accredited through multiple organizations, test questions and a CEU Certificate are included with each program.

  • Cleaning, Packaging & Sterilization of Instruments; CEUs 1.0–1.5
  • Decontamination, You & Biofilms; CEU 1.5
  • Selection & Use of Packaging Systems; CEU 1.0
  • Steam Sterilization: The Process of Choice; CEUs 1.0–1.5

Visit the SPS Medical website for more information and a full listing of programs.