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Helpful Resource Center Quality Assurance

Helpful Resource Center Quality Assurance

Administrative Monitoring

Work practices must be supervised. Written policies and procedures must be strictly followed by all personnel responsible and accountable for sterilizing and disinfecting items, and for handling sterile supplies. If sterility cannot be achieved or maintained, the system has failed. Policies and procedures pertain to:

  1. Decontaminating, terminally sterilizing, and cleaning all reusable items; disposing of disposable items.
  2. Packaging and labeling of items.
  3. Loading and unloading the sterilizer.
  4. Operating the sterilizer.
  5. Monitoring and maintaining records of each cycle.
  6. Adhering to safety precautions and preventive maintenance protocol.
  7. Storing of sterile items.
  8. Handling sterile items ready for use.
  9. Making sterile transfer to a sterile field.

Crosstex - SPS
SPSmedical has developed a series of educational CD-ROMs on a variety of Infection Control topics that can be used for group or individual training. Each program is presented in a slide presentation and utilizes an abundance of pictures to provide viewers a better understanding of the subject being covered. Accredited through multiple organizations, test questions and a CEU Certificate are included with each program.

  • Cleaning, Packaging & Sterilization of Instruments; CEUs 1.0–1.5
  • Decontamination, You & Biofilms; CEU 1.5
  • Selection & Use of Packaging Systems; CEU 1.0
  • Steam Sterilization: The Process of Choice; CEUs 1.0–1.5

Visit the SPS Medical website for more information and a full listing of programs.