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Surgical Lights Buying Guide

Surgical Lights Buying Guide

Surgical Lights Buying Guide

In the everchanging landscape of health care delivery, it is imperative that your medical practice or facility remains up to date on the latest developments in technology. While meeting the needs of your patients is an upmost priority, being able to accurately diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries starts with proper exam and surgical lights.

As laparoscopy and endoscopy procedures continue to advance, the electronic components of your lighting system need to keep up. From lifespan, illumination, color temperature, and beyond, your surgical team can operate with more confidence knowing they're getting the best view possible.

When searching for your operating room surgical lights, it's essential to consider the following:

  • Cost and financial factors
  • A power backup system
  • Merging surgical lighting into your procedural room
  • Surgical headlights
  • Mobile lighting options
  • Spot intensity, shadow control, and low energy consumption

Henry Schein Medical's Surgical Lights Buying Guide explores our diverse portfolio of lighting options to simplify your buying process and ensure appropriate visibility is achieved when treating or operating on your patients. Throughout our purchasing guide, we'll highlight the features and benefits of our highly advanced collection of surgical lighting, purchasing considerations, and Henry Schein's White Glove Service.

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What to Consider before Purchasing

One critical aspect of an optimal environment for medical procedures includes a modernized surgical lighting system. With so many options and features to consider, it may become a time-consuming and tedious task selecting the right combination for your facility.

To streamline your procurement process, we've outlined several key elements to consider before purchasing:


From portable systems, ceiling lights, and wall mounts, it's important to definitively outline the arrangement of lighting you need for your procedural space to control costs. Taking into consideration the size of your operating environment and the amount of lighting needed should be accounted for in your budget. Ensuring your bottom line isn't exceeded while properly illuminating your space is crucial to running an efficient practice.


When you and your surgical team are performing life-saving surgery, trusting your equipment to function optimally is vital. Without dependable lighting in your operating room, procedures cannot be performed. When exploring surgical lighting systems for your facility, 40,000 to 60,000 hours of use is a common output with a 10–12-year lifespan.¹


Measured in lux, illumination encompasses the light concentration from the surgical light head. Lighting output of less than 40,000 lux is not equipped for the operating room. Updating your lighting system to ensure proper illumination is a major factor in delivering efficient patient care.

Color Temperature

Color produced by light is measured in Kelvin (K) and can play a significant role in surgical performance. Color temperature can range from 1,000 to 10,000 with daylight temperature reaching about 5,800 K. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) requires the color temperature of surgical lights to be within 3,000–6,700 K range.² When you and your team are performing a lengthy surgery, cool colors, which can be quantified as 5,000 K or higher, can reduce eye fatigue.

Color Rendering Index

This index defines the quality of light based on how well the subtle distinctions in the natural colors of an object can be visualized.² The color rendering index is measured on a scale of 0–100 with bulbs on the higher end producing more accurate color. Surgical lights should be between 80–100 to ensure a healthy view. For surgical lighting purposes, a unique measurement called the R9 will exemplify how well a light can extract a saturated red color, a significant discovery during surgical procedures.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

This form of lighting can reduce the cost of electricity for your medical facility and cut overall energy use. Their long lifespan makes them an ideal choice for your procedural room along with several other benefits³:

  • No heat or UV emissions
  • Flexible design
  • Greater environmental performance
  • Low voltage

Single or Multiple Surgical Light Heads

A single surgical light head can illuminate the operating room from a singular light head, allowing you and your team to focus from a sole light source. A multiple surgical light head includes several outlets of light that can provide necessary adjustments and reduce shadows or glares.

Uniform or Discipline-Specific Lighting

When purchasing a lighting system for your facility, you may want to consider uniformed lighting or discipline specific. A uniformed installment includes purchasing the same lighting for all surgery, exam, and procedure rooms. Discipline-specific lighting includes unique lighting equipment and custom structures depending on the surgery department.

Featured Surgical Lighting

AIM LED - Henry Schein

Value meets incredible performance with the AIM LED examination lighting system. Providing 10% more illumination, the AIM LED include large, adjustable light patterns, 45,000 lux, and accurate color visibility.

Additional features include:

  • 4,300 K color temperature
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 92
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Assembled in the USA
Bovie® MI-750 - Henry Schein
Bovie® MI-750

An affordable, mid-sized lighting system, the Bovie® MI-750 was built for procedures, exams, and minor surgeries. Your surgical team can adjust the lighting to their preference with ease and adaptability.

Additional features include:

  • Multi-stage dimming and illumination
  • 75,000 lux
  • Number of LEDs: 18
  • Dimming percentages: 100%, 75%, 50%
  • 4,300 K color temperature

Installation and Henry Schein Medical's White Glove Service

After you've made your purchase, our support doesn't stop there! Henry Schein Medical's White Glove Service ensures your capital equipment order receives an elevated level of attention. Our team of Capital Equipment Specialists will suggest superior shipping considerations, provide state-of-the-art installation, and organize the complete procurement process with your timeline and delivery criteria in mind.

The top 5 benefits of Henry Schein Medical's White Glove Service include:

  1. Pre-Delivery Planning
  2. Equipment Staging
  3. Shipping & Receiving Coordination
  4. Expert Delivery and Setup
  5. Staff Training & Implementation

From providing operating room measurements, to installation and beyond, Henry Schein Medical will ensure your lighting is properly placed and ready for your next patient.

Learn why your next purchase deserves the white glove treatment by requesting a consultation today.