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What is Capital Medical Equipment

What is Capital Medical Equipment

What is Capital Medical Equipment?

Whether you're just starting out in the health care industry or simply want to brush up and refresh your knowledge, our team is here to assist. Let us help you answer the question, what is capital medical equipment.

If you're currently in the market for equipment, see what Henry Schein Medical has to offer.

Capital Medical Equipment

1. Longevity Is over a Year

Capital medical equipment is an investment and has a long lifespan compared with other types of equipment. If the equipment experiences wear and tear, and needs to be replaced in less than a year, it's not considered capital equipment.

2. Pricing Is usually over $5,000

Pricing and cost are crucial factors when purchasing medical equipment. You and your team want to establish a realistic budget. Therefore, cost of the equipment is one of the first factors to consider.

The price of capital medical equipment will vary depending on the size of the medical facility. A facility on the smaller end may consider equipment starting at $3,000 capital equipment, while a medium or large facility may consider equipment starting at $5,000 to be capital equipment. Pricing may be subjective when identifying a capital equipment purchase as it depends on what the facility considers costly. Most often you'll find that the $5,000 mark is the most common.

Financing Medical Equipment

Our finance service team at Henry Schein Medical is here to provide solutions to your practice to meet your goals and provide quality patient care. Regardless if you're starting a private practice or looking to purchase equipment, you can rely on our financing experts for support.

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3. Standalone Equipment

Standalone equipment simply means the equipment does not need any devices to properly function in providing patient care.

4. Tangible Property

This may seem straightforward, but capital equipment is always tangible. This excludes non-tangible assets such as branding designs.

5. Large Equipment

Capital equipment is often associated with large-scale equipment that takes up a notable amount of space such as examination tables or surgical lighting and requires professional installation.

Capital Equipment Specialists and White Glove Service

At Henry Schein Medical, we know equipment installation and setup should be handled with expertise, especially when it comes to large scale items. Our team of Capital Equipment Specialists provide white glove service and specialized care. Our team will assist in equipment staging, expert delivery/setup, and more.

Capital Equipment at Henry Schein Medical

We take pride in providing quality equipment and products for practitioners and patients. Rely on us to guide you in your purchasing journey. We have equipment catering to a diverse range of medical specialties and equipment categories.

  • Cardiovascular and Cardiology Equipment — Browse our selection of cardiology equipment that improves patient outcome, such as stress testing equipment, cardiac imaging, and more.
  • Tables and Stools — Our selection of tables and stools is designed with the patient and staff in mind to provide comfort and security.
  • Imaging Equipment — Rely on our team to deliver life-saving diagnostic equipment, including X-ray and ultrasound machines.
  • Surgical Lighting — Choose from a selection of wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or wheel floor models.

Room Builder Tool

Once you find a particular piece of equipment to consider purchasing, you'll want to make sure it's aesthetically pleasing and can be properly installed. That's where our Room Builder Tool comes into play. Our tool allows customers to virtually furnish an exam room to build a visual representation. Once complete you'll be able to download the blueprint and be contacted by one of our Capital Equipment Specialists within a day.

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